Noncitizen Immigration/Visa Category








This code is used to identify employees who are not citizens of the United States.  Refer to PIMS Manual, Item 825, for additional information.


Note:  Prior to 11/1996, this field was named Noncitizen Status Code.


This is a defined field.  

XX:VISA/A1= EDIT(XX:NONCITZN,'9$$$$$$$$$');


Coding Values:

F = Student, primary visa holder (F-1)

J = Exchange visitors, including students, scholars, teachers
and researchers, primary visa holder, (J-1).

M = Vocational Student, primary visa holder (M-1)

Q = International Cultural Exchange, primary visa holder (Q-1)

Z = Immigrant noncitizen status (e.g., permanent resident alien, H-1B, TN, refugee, asylee)


Available Files:  

AC  Active Current Status

AN  Annual Current Status

SP  Separated Current Status

ST  Student Assistant


SAC   Systemwide Active Current Status

SAN   Systemwide Annual Current Status





Last Updated: August 4, 2004