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Data Elements: A  B  C  D  E F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X-Z


Master File Descriptions

Active Current Status

Affirmative Action Group


Annual Current Status

A54 Transaction Data

Budget Function

Budget Occupational Code

Campus Address

Campus Header

Collective Bargaining Id

Degree Level

Dental ID


Employee Category

Employee History Information (Leave)

Employee Specific Information (Leave)

Employment History Extract

Higher Education General Info. Survey

Job Code

Leave Accounting Summary

Leave Balance Information

Leave Benefit Information

Leave Transaction Information

Occupational Index

Payment History Data

Payment History Extract

Payment History Summary


Separated Current Status

State Service Balance and Transactions

Student Assistant

Systemwide Active Current Status

Systemwide Annual Current Status

Systemwide Pay Scales

Systemwide Transaction Data

Transaction Data

Unemployment Insurance Costs

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Download Only Files

Payment History Extract - Decentralized Format

Payment History Extract - PC Edit

Payment History Extract - SCO Production

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Appendix I - Campus Codes

Appendix II - Collective Bargaining Id

Appendix III - Budget Occupation Codes

Appendix IV - Footnote/Trade Rate Code

Appendix V - Occupational Index Reference

Appendix VI - Tax Treaty Country Codes

Appendix VII - Transaction Codes  

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Data Element Titles   


Academic Year Class

Accounts Receivable Code

Accounts Receivable Dock Time Code

Accounts Receivable Number

Accounts Receivable Payment Type

Accounts Receivable Taxable Gross

Accounts Receivable Type

Accrual Rate

Accrual Rate Indicator

Activity Indicator

Address Withheld Indicator

Adjustment Code

Affirmative Action Code


Agency Code

Agency and Unit Key

All Campuses

Amount Due

Anniversary Date

Annual Salary Rate

Appointment Expiration Date

Appointment Type (Leave Code)

Assigned Salary Rate

Audit Information

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Balance Indicator

Base Class

Base Class and Range

Base Pay

Base Range

Basic Life Agency Code

Basic Life CBID

Basic Life Reporting Unit

Basic Life State Share Amount

Begin Balance

Begin Days, Leave

Begin Fraction, Leave

Begin Hours, Leave

Begin Total

Benefit Out-of-Service Flag

Benefit Quarter


Budget Function Code

Budget Function Name

Budget Occupational Code

Budget Occupational Code Name

Business Year

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Campus Address, City, State and Zip

Campus Address, Street

Campus Alpha Code

Campus Name, Abbreviated

Campus Name, Full

Campus Numeric Code

Campus Numeric Code / SSA

Claim Begin Date

Claim End Date

Class and Range Key

Class Code

Class Code Status

Class Established Date

Class Title, Abbreviated

Class Title, Full

Clearance Number

Clearance Type

Collective Bargaining Id, Abbreviated Name

Collective Bargaining Id, Code

Collective Bargaining Id, Full Name

Computational Factor, Annual

Credit Indicator

CTO FLSA Indicator

CTO Maximum Hours

CTO Regular Indicator


Cycle Date

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Data as of Date

Data Overflow Indicator

Days Paid

Days Worked, Leave

Deduction Amount

Deduction Code

Deduction Code Name

Deduction ID

Deduction Pay Period Date

Deduction Pay Period Type

Deduction Tax Gross Indicator

Deduction Type

Deduction Type - Character 1

Deduction Type - Character 2

Degree, Education Level Code

Degree, Highest Degree Date

Degree, Institute Code

Degree, Name

Dental Carrier Name

Department Code

Department Name

Detail Transaction Code

Disability Status

Disability Status Code

Disability Status Factors

Dock - Days

Dock - Hours

Document Processing Number

Duration Of Appointment Code

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Earnings ID 1 - 3

Effective Date (MMDDYYYY)

Effective Date (YYYYMMDD)

Effective Day

Effective End Date

Effective Month

Effective Year

EH Position Out-Of-Service

Eligibility Indicator

Employee Address, City and State

Employee Address, Street

Employee Address, Zip Code

Employee Category

Employee Category Name

Employer Account Code

Employer Branch Number

Employer Identifier

Employment Date

Employment History Remarks

Employment Months

Employment Years

End Date, Leave

Ending Balance, Leave

Entry Date

Established Date, Leave

Ethnic Group

Ethnic Origin

Extension Faculty Hourly Rate

Extension Faculty Maximum Rate, Range G

Extension Faculty Quarter Rate, Maximum

Extension Faculty Semester Rate, Maximum

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Fair Labor Standards Act Status

Federal Marital Status

Federal Tax Exemption

Federal Tax Gross

Federal Tax Withheld

Final Salary Anniversary Date

Fiscal Year Ending, Year


Footnote/Trade Rate Code

Fractional Amount

Fractional Month Activity

Full-Time Equivalent

Full-Time Total

Fund Name

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Garnishment Effective Date

Garnishment Original Amount

Garnishment Termination Date

Gross Pay

Gross Subject to Retirement

Gross Type

GSI Amount #1

GSI Amount #2

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Header Budget Agency

Header CFIS Fiscal Year

Header Description

Header Description Line Count

Header Description Line Number

Header Effective Date

Header Expiration Date

Header Fund Identification

Header Last Update

Health Benefits Administrative Cost

Health Benefits Agency Code

Health Benefits Party Rate Code

Health Benefits Plan Type

Health Benefits Reporting Unit

Health Benefits State Share Amount


History Field

Hours Paid

Hours Worked, Leave

HR Letter

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IDL Offset Amount

Injury/Illness Code

Injury/Illness Date

Invoice Number

Issue Date

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Job Code

Job Code Campus Organization Code

Job Code Campus Organization Title

Job Code Category

Job Code Category Title

Job Code Family

Job Code Family Title

Job Code Title, Abbreviated

Job Code Title, Full

Job Code/Campus Code

Job Family Name, AA

Job Family, AA

Job Function

Job Function Title

Job Group Name, AA

Job Group, AA

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Laboratory/Activity Hourly Rate

Last Accrued

Last Day Physically Worked

Last Leave Processing Leave Period

Last Update

Leave Balance

Leave Measure

Leave Name

Leave Non-Standard Rate

Leave Period

Leave Period End

Leave Period Hours Earned

Leave Period Hours Used

Leave Period Start

Leave System Eligibility Date

Leave System Eligible, Position Count

Leave Type

Leave Type Sort Sequence

Leave Without Pay Indicator

Lecture Hourly Rate

Legal Reference Code

Legal Reference for Annuitant

List Count

Lump Sum Pay Period

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Management Data Element #1

Management Data Element #2

Management Data Element #3

Maximum Rate

Medicare Arrears - Agency Code

Medicare Arrears - Employee Gross

Medicare Arrears - Employer Gross

Medicare Arrears - Employer Withheld

Medicare Arrears - Fiscal Year

Medicare Arrears - Issue Year

Medicare Arrears - Reporting Unit

Medicare Arrears - Quarter  

Medicare Tax Gross - Employee

Medicare Tax Gross - Employer

Medicare Tax Withheld - Employee

Medicare Tax Withheld - Employer

Minimum Rate

Miscellaneous Indicator, Leave

Month Amount

MPP AGL Indicator

Multiple Hourly Rate

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Name, First & Middle Initial

Name, First Initial

Name, Last

Name, Middle Initial

Name, Whole

Net Pay

No Accrual Begin Leave Period

No Accrual End Leave Period

Noncitizen Country Code

Noncitizen Resident/Non-Resident

Noncitizen Status Code

Noncitizen Visa Category

Noncitizen Work Authorization Exp. Date

Nonqualifying Pay Period

Non-Standard Begin Date

Non-Standard End Date

Non-Standard Rate

Non Work Leave Period 1

Non Work Leave Period 2

Non Work Leave Period 3

Number Of Steps

Number Of Steps To Advance

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Occupational Index Name

Occupational Index Reference

Organization Code

Origin Code, Leave

Out Of Sequence Date

Out Of Service Indicator

Out Of Service Leave Period

Overtime Code

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Part-Time Total

Pay Frequency

Pay Letter Number

Pay Period, Date

Pay Plan Indicator

Pay Period, Date and Type

Pay Period, Type

Payment Type

Payment Type, Suffix

Payroll Status

Personal Holiday Flag


Position Flag

Position Number

Position Sequence Number

Position Sequence Post Date

Post Date

Post Time

Premium Amount

Premium Overtime

Probationary Period Code

Probationary Period Ending Date

Probationary Period Group

Probationary Period/Tenure Track

Processing Date

Professional License, Expiration Date

Professional License Type

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Quarter Rate, Range B

Quarter Rate, Range C

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Range Code

Range Title

Reallocation Class Code

Reason For Separation (Resignation)

Record Last Changed Date

Record Type

Recruitment Location, FICE Code

Recruitment Location, Type of School

Red Circle Rate (Plus Salary)

Registered Warrant

Regular CTO

Reporting Unit

Retire Flag

Retired Status

Retirement Arrears Account Code

Retirement Arrears Adjustment Code

Retirement Arrears Agency Code

Retirement Arrears Gross Subject to Retirement

Retirement Arrears Payment Type

Retirement Arrears Reporting Unit

Retirement Arrears Retirement Rate

Retirement Arrears Salary Rate

Retirement Arrears Salary Type

Retirement Arrears State Share Amount

Retirement Employer Paid Member Contrib.

Retirement Membership Effective Date

Retirement Rate

Retirement System Account Code

Retirement System State Share Amount

Retirement Withheld

Roll Code

Rule Indicator

Run Date

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Sabbatical Leave Eligibility Date

Safety Member

Salary Full

Salary Per

Salary Plan

Salary Rate

Salary Step

Salary Total

Salary Type

School Code

School Name

SCIF / IDL Date (Benefits Date)

SCO Keyed Flag

Segment Count Level Two

Segment Count Level Three

Segment Count Level Four

Semester Rate, Range B

Semester Rate, Range C

Separation Code

Separation Code, Leave

Separation Expiration Date (Payroll Return Date)

Serial Number

Settlement Pay

Sex Code

Shift Differential

Sick Leave At Retirement

Sick Leave Benefit Established

Sick Leave Rate

Six Month Increase (SISA)

Social Security Arrears - Agency Code

Social Security Arrears - Employee Gross

Social Security Arrears - Employer Gross

Social Security Arrears - Employer Withheld

Social Security Arrears - Fiscal Year

Social Security Arrears - Issue Year

Social Security Arrears - Quarter

Social Security Arrears - Reporting Unit

Social Security/Medicare Member

Social Security Number

Social Security Tax Gross - Employee

Social Security Tax Gross - Employer

Social Security Withheld - Employee

Social Security Withheld - Employer

Source Identifier

Special Pay, Amount Due

Special Pay, Days 1 & 2

Special Pay, Hours 1 & 2

Special Pay, Rate 1 & 2

Special Pay, Units 1 & 2

SSA / Position Sequence Key

SSI Counter

SSI Maximum Counter

SSI Maximum Step

SSI Amount

SSI Rate

State Code 1 & 2

State Itemized Allowances

State Marital Status

State Service End Fraction

State Service End Hours

State Service Flag

State Service Monthly Balance

State Service No Information Flag

State Service Out-Of-Service

State Service Out-Of-Service Leave Period

State Share Amount - HB/BL

State System Eligibility Indicator

State Tax Exemptions

State Tax Gross - 1 & 2

State Tax Withheld - 1 & 2

Status Code

Status, No Probation

Status, Permanent

Status, Probationary

Status, Temporary

Step 1 Rate - Step 45 Rate

Step Maximum

Step Minimum


Summarized Employee

Summarized Record

Summer Maximum Rate, Range C

Summer Minimum, Rate Range C

Summer Quarter Rate, Range A

Summer Quarter Rate, Range B

Summer Semester Rate, Range A

Summer Semester Rate, Range B

Survivors Benefits

Suspended Class Code

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T-Step Flag

T-Step Salary Rate

Tax Year

Temporary Separation Begin

Temporary Separation End

Termination Destination, FICE Code

Termination Destination, Location

Time Base

Time Base, Denominator

Time Base, Numerator

Time Worked Days Indicator

Time Worked Hours Indicator

Total Amount Used

Total Credit Amount

Total Days

Total Fractions

Total Hours

Total Miscellaneous

Track Class

Transaction Amount

Transaction Code, Personnel

Transaction Code Name

Transaction Code Type

Transaction Count

Transaction Type, LR

Transaction Type, LS

Transfer Leave Type - Abbreviated

Transferred SSA

Type Field, C-Step Rates

Type Field, D - Annual Salary

Type Field, E - Extension Faculty

Type Field, F - Special Variable Rate

Type Field, G - Substitute Faculty

Type Field, H - Summer Session Faculty

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Units Paid

Use Indicator

User Designating Eligible Date

User Designating Eligible Indicator

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Vacation Benefit Established

Vacation Max Hours

Vacation Max Non-Determine Flag

Vacation No Change Flag

Vacation Non-Standard Flag

Vacation Over Max Flag

Vacation Rate

Vacation Rate Change Date

Vacation Rate Change Flag

Vacation Rate Code

Vacation Rate Max Flag

Vacation Rate Next

Vacation Rate Next Max Hours

Void Date (YYYYMMDD)

Void Indicator

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Warrant Number

Work Location

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