Agency and Unit Key





A6      XXXYYY



The first three digits identify the employing campus, institution, or other major subdivision. The second three digits identify the budgetary function and campus attendance or organizational unit to which the employee is assigned. This code is the first six digits contained within the Position.


This is a defined field in the Employment History Extract and Payment files.



Coding Values:

XXX = Agency Code

YYY = Reporting Unit


Available Files:  

AC    Active Current Status  

AN    Annual Current Status

CH    Campus  Header

EH    Employment History Extract

LX    Leave Accounting Summary

PH    Payment History Data

PHS  Payment History Summary

PY    Payment History Extract

SP    Separated Current Status

ST    Student Assistant

TR    Transaction Data

UI     Unemployment Insurance Costs


SAC  Systemwide Active Current Status

SAN  Systemwide Annual Current Status