Collective Bargaining Id, Code








Identifies an employee's status and is used to determine eligibility for salary increases, specific deductions, leave accrual, insurance and other benefits.   


In the employment history and leave data files, this is a computer-generated item determined by the Class Code, which identifies represented and non-represented classes for salary purposes.  Refer to PIMS Manual, Item 126, for additional information.  


In the payment files, this is a defined field based on the class code of the payment.  The define corrects CBID on payment records with invalid coding values.


Coding Values:

For coding values, refer to Appendix II - Collective Bargaining Id.


Additional Information:  

  • Collective Bargaining did not begin until 07/01/1981.  Prior to that date, the coding value for this field will be blank.

  • Prior to 03/1997, employees designated confidential had a coding value (C01-C10) on their employment history record that differed from the coding value (R01-R10) for the class code.  After 03/1997, these employees were moved to a C99 classification.

  • Unit R11 was established 10/01/2004.

  • Unit R12 was established 06/01/2005. (Abolished 10/31/2013)

  • Unit R13 was established 09/01/2010.

  • Unit R14 was established 11/16/2016


Available Files:  

XX:CBID is available in the following files:

AC   Active Current Status

AN   Annual Current Status

EH   Employment History Extract

LH   Employee History Information (Leave)  

LR   Leave Transaction Information  

PH   Payment History Data   

PHS Payment History Summary  

PS   Pay Scales

PY   Payment History Extract

SP   Separated Current Status  

TR   Transaction Data   

UI   Unemployment Insurance Costs  

SAC Systemwide Active Current Status  

SAN Systemwide Annual Current Status

STR Systemwide Transaction Data


CBID is available in the following cross-referenced file:  

Collective Bargaining Id





Last Updated:  January 31st, 2017