Disability Status Code








Effective October 31, 2001, this is a 1-character field used for Federal Contractor Veterans' Employment reporting requirements. For additional information, refer to Technical Letter HR/EHDB 2001-04 and HR 2001-30 under coded memoranda on the Systemwide HR web site. Refer to PIMS Manual, Item 125, for more information.


Prior to October 31, 2001, this was a 3-character field used to identify an employee's disability status, whether the disability was connected to military service, and the nature of the disability, if any.


This is a defined field.  



Coding Values:

A = Veteran of the Vietnam Era

B = Special Disabled Veteran

C = Other Eligible Veteran

N = None of the Above  

O = No Response (Effective October 31, 2001 this value is no longer valid.)


Available Files:  

AC  Active Current Status

AN  Annual Current Status

SP  Separated Current Status

ST  Student Assistant


SAC  Systemwide Active Current Status

SAN  Systemwide Annual Current Status





Last Updated: March 1, 2002