Separation Code








A code indicating whether an employee has separated from a position and whether the separation is temporary or permanent. This is a computer-generated field on the EHBD based on Transaction Code.


Coding Values:

For the TR & STR Files Only

1 = Active

2 = On leave

3 = Separated

4 = Return rights (Transaction Codes S30 and S71)


All Other Files

blank = Active

S = Permanent separation

T = On leave

R = Return rights (Transaction Codes S30 and S71)


Note: The AC file contains only those records with blank and T values.


Available Files:  

AC  Active Current Status

AN  Annual Current Status

EH  Employment History Extract

SP  Separated Current Status

ST  Student Assistant

TR  Transaction Data


SAC  Systemwide Active Current Status

SAN  Systemwide Annual Current Status

STR  Systemwide Transaction Data