Payment Type








Identifies the purpose for which the payment was made. It also dictates the payment attributes, determines the method of taxation, and subjectivity to retirement and social security/medicare withholding.


Coding Values:

Only selected Payment Types are shown below.  Refer to the SCO Payroll Procedures Manual for a complete list.


0 = Regular

1 = Overtime

2 = Shift differential

3 = Lump-sum overtime, Compensation Time Off (CTO), Holiday Credit (HC), Personal Holiday (PH), Saturday Holiday and/or Excess Hours   

4 = Lump-sum vacation

5 = Lump-sum sick leave

6 = IDL - full pay

7 = Military leave

8 = Premium pay *

9 = Merit award, CEA bonus, teaching award**

A = Miscellaneous pay**

C = Folios

D = Final settlement

E = Trade rate benefit pay

F = Fringe benefit pay

G = Lump sum bonus or auto allowance

H = Obsolete, was extraordinary services

I = Section 4800 tax refund

J = Maternity leave (CSU)

K = Deduction A/R collection

L = Student assistant/trainee (also used for summer youth aid prior to April 1, 2005)

N = IDL - 2/3 Pay

P = Credit deduction issue (deduction refund payment)

Q = Emergency appointment

R = Taxable non-USPRS payment, used in annual payroll system**

S = Miscellaneous payment**

T = Non-industrial Disability Indemnity (NDI) payment

U = CSU IDL sick supplemental temporary disability leave


*See associated Earnings ID

**See associated Payment Type Suffix


Available Files:  

PH    Payment History Data

PHS  Payment History Summary

PY    Payment History Extract





Last Updated:  May 5, 2008