Professional License Type








A code identifying the type of professional license, credential, certificate or membership that is required in order to meet the minimum qualifications for a specific class. Note: This item is used by automated audits in PIMS to control management data. Refer to the PIMS Manual, Professional License Table for additional information.


Coding Values:

0 = None required

1 = California driver's license

2 = Consumer affairs license or similar state department (includes medical, engineering, nursing, architectural, technical, psychiatric, etc.)

3 = Department of education credential or certificate

4 = Other (Active membership in California State Bar, CPA certificate, etc.)


Available Files:  

AC  Active Current Status

AN  Annual Current Status

SP  Separated Current Status


PS  Systemwide Pay Scales Data

SAC  Systemwide Active Current Status

SAN  Systemwide Annual Current Status





Last Updated:  March 1, 2002