Social Security Number, Last 4 Digits





A4    9999



The last 4 digits of an employee's Social Security Number. See also: Social Security Number, Masked.


This is a defined field:

XX:SSAFOUR/A4 = EDIT (XX:SSA, '$$$$$$$9999');


Coding Values:

Example:  1234


Available Files:  

AC  Active Current Status

AN  Annual Current Status

A54 A54 Transaction Data

EH  Employment History Extract

LB  Leave Balance Information

LD  Leave Benefit Information

LR  Leave Transaction Information

LH  Employee History Information (Leave)

LS  State Service Balance and Transactions

LV  Employee Specific Information (Leave)

LX  Leave Accounting Summary

PH  Payment History Data

PHS Payment History Summary

PY  Payment History Extract

SP  Separated Current Status

TR  Transaction Data

UI   Unemployment Insurance Costs