Employment Date








The original date that an employee was appointed by a particular campus or CSU location. The data is computer generated from the effective date of the initial appointing transaction, excluding Student Assistant (A98) transactions. In addition, a new employment date is generated when an employee returns to the campus of his/her previous employment after a break in service of five years. A54 transactions are excluded from the process. A campus can, however, override this date manually. Refer to PIMS Manual, Item 921, for additional information. This is a SMART DATE.


This is a defined field.



Refer also to Employment Months and Employment Years.


Coding Values:

MM = Month (01 through 12)

DD = Day (01 through 31)

YYYY = Year


Available Files:  

AC  Active Current Status

AN  Annual Current Status

EH  Employment History Extract

SP  Separated Current Status

UI   Unemployment Insurance


SAC  Systemwide Active Current Status

SAN  Systemwide Annual Current Status





Last Updated: July 10, 2009