Fair Labor Standards Act Status








The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) status assigned to the employee's class code. FLSA codes are assigned in the CSU Salary Schedule and indicate the employee's eligibility for overtime. Refer to PIMS Manual, Item 355, for additional information.


Refer to HR 93-17, supplements and appropriate MOU for additional information on the coding values from 04/01/1994 to 09/30/2004.  


Note: This field was previously known as Work Week Group.  


Coding Values:

Effective 10/01/2004:

N = Non-Exempt

E = Exempt

O = Other Exemptions


Prior to 04/01/1994:

N = Non-Exempt

4AE = Exempt

4BE = Exempt

4CE = Exempt

4CN = Non-Exempt

4C4E = Exempt

4D7E = Exempt

4D2E = Exempt

4D14 = Other


Available Files:  

EH  Employment History Extract

PH  Payment History Data

PY  Payment History Extract


PS  Systemwide Pay Scales





Last Updated: October 1, 2004