Anniversary Date





A6      MMYYYY or XXXX



The pay period in which an employee will be eligible to receive a Special In-Grade Salary Adjustment (SISA) or Service-Based Salary Increase (SSI). Refer to PIMS Manual, Item 330, for more information.  


Coding Values:

MMYYYY = Month and Year of eligible pay period.


NONE = When date is indeterminable or if there is no anniversary date.


MAX = When the employee's Based On Salary is the maximum for the class, range.


9999 = Not eligible. Employee has progressed to the service based maximum for a given class and range, or his/her specific salary maximum (that is not the maximum for the respective class and salary range).


Available Files:

AC   Active Current Status

AN   Annual Current Status

EH   Employment History Extract

SP   Separated Current Status

TR   Transaction Data


SAC Systemwide Active Current Status

SAN Systemwide Annual Current Status

STR Systemwide Transaction Data





Last Updated: January 9, 2006