Cross-Referenced Files Overview

Cross-References files (also known as 'tables') typically have only one segment and do not have any defined fields.   With the exception of the Job Code file, the fieldnames do not have prefixes.   


They can be used as a stand alone file or matched with other databases containing the same key fields.  However, most are automatically joined to the major files (e.g., Active Current Status) within the Masterfile description. This method saves you the trouble of issuing the JOIN command every time you need to join the databases and gives you flexibility in choosing the segments that will be available within the joined structure. For more information, refer to the topic:  Using Joined Files.


These are 'hidden' files.  They are not listed on the file selection screen and are automatically allocated whenever any other file is selected for ad hoc reporting.  For more information on cross-referenced files,  refer to your FOCUS documentation.



Last Updated: October 3, 2005