Payment Data Files Comparison

Each of the files below contain payroll data for your staff, faculty, management, students and special pay appointments.  Refer to the chart below for a summary of the file differences.  For detailed information, refer to the master file descriptions.






Payment History Data


Payments and deductions for your employees, including those issued by other campuses.

Data for the prior business month, or data by fiscal year from 01/1984 forward.


Payment History Extract


Payments and deductions issued by your campus.

Data for the current business month and/or the last 36 business months.

After each payroll cycle.*

Payment History Summary


Payments issued by your campus.  No deduction data.

Data for the last 5 fiscal years plus the current fiscal year through the prior business month.


* Refer to the PY Update Schedule.  




Last Updated: October 3, 2005