Deduction Type








A field, which identifies the kind of deduction each deduction code represents.


Coding Values:

AR = Accounts Receivable

BL = Basic Life

DI = State Disability Insurance Adjustment

FA =  Flex Health Care Spending Account

FB = Flex Dependent Care Spending Account

FC = Flex Cash

FD = Flex Dental Benefits

FE = Flex Assembly Life Insurance

FF = Flex Employer-Paid Admin Fee

FH = Flex Health Benefits

FL = Pre-Tax Parking

FM - DPA Reimbursement Parking

FN = Pre-Tax Transit Pass

FX = Flex Dependent Care Spending Account

FY = Flex BU Health Care Spending Account

GA = Garnishment

GI =  G.I. Insurance

HB = Health Benefits Insurance

HD = Dental Insurance Benefits

HV = Vision Insurance Benefits

MD = Medicare Arrears

MF = Fixed Maintenance

MV = Variable Maintenance

OA = OASDI Arrears Adjustment

PG = General Services Parking

RJ = Judicial Retirement

RP = CalPERS/Legislative Arrears

RT = Teachers Adjustment

SP = Survivors Benefits

SS = Social Security Arrears

TC = Tax Sheltered Annuity (CSU)

TD = Deferred Compensation/Thrift Plan


If coding value is blank, then not specified.


Available Files:  

PH  Payment History Data

PY  Payment History Extract





Last Updated: January 9, 2015