Duration Of Appointment Code





A2     XX



A two character alphanumeric code that identifies the length of a temporary appointment. It is used in conjunction with Appointment Expiration Date. Refer to PIMS Manual, Item 415, for more information.  


Coding Values:

Academic employees
including the Pre-retirement Reduction in Time Base Program (A61 Transaction):

Q1 = One quarter

Q2 = Two quarters

S1 = One semester

Y1 = One year

Y2 = Two years (A61 transactions only)

Y3 = Three years (A61 transaction only)

Y4 = Four years (A61 transaction only)

Y5 = Five years (A61 transaction only)


Non-Academic employees:

XX = The number of months of the temporary appointment


Available Files:  

AC   Active Current Status

AN   Annual Current Status

EH   Employment History Extract

SP   Separated Current Status

TR   Transaction Data


SAC   Systemwide Active Current Status

SAN   Systemwide Annual Current Status

STR   Systemwide Transaction Data





Last Updated: March 1, 2002