Userid and Password




Once authorized to use CIRS, the SCO’s Information Security Office will provide you with a userid and password.  These security measures are in place to insure unauthorized users cannot access the system and will be used each time you logon.  If CIRS access is requested for a person who already has access to SCO personnel or payroll systems, they will use their existing userid and password.


It is your responsibility to protect your userid and password from unauthorized access.  Never loan your password to another person - even if that person is another CIRS user.  Violation of this could result in your CIRS and SCO system access being revoked.  For additional information, refer to the section titled 'Responsibilities of Password Owners’ in the SCO’s Information Security Manual.   


  • Your userid is a 5 character code assigned and maintained by SCO.  It is your unique identifier as long as you are an authorized user of CIRS and/or the SCO system.  

  • Your userid will be revoked if you have not accessed CIRS for 32 calendar days or 5 incorrect passwords are entered in a row.  If your userid is revoked, contact the SCO Information Security Office.

  • If your userid is not used for 90 days, you will be contacted to confirm you still require system access.    

  • If your userid is not used for 180 consecutive days, or you have not used any of the CIRS functions for 180 consecutive days, your access will automatically be deleted, without notice.   


  • The SCO provides a password for your initial logon to CIRS.  Thereafter, your password is known only to you and should never be written down.  If you forget your password, call the SCO Information Security Office to have it re-set.

  • Your password:

    • Must be exactly eight characters

    • Will be case sensitive

    • Must contain:

      • At least one number,

      • At least one uppercase letter,

      • And at least one lower case letter

  • A password is valid for 90 calendar days.  Seven days prior to the expiration of your password, a message will alert you each time you logon.  


*As of May 1, 2009 Tokens are no longer used to access CIRS.