Batch Execution

Batch is an offline FOCUS environment.  That means the terminal is free to do other tasks in or out of CIRS, while a job is executing.  We recommend submitting your report requests in the batch environment after they have been tested in the online FOCUS environment.  Refer to the topic:  Online Execution for more information.  Note:  Report requests containing variables (implied prompting) cannot be executed via batch.


The batch FOCUS environment is required for the following conditions:  

  • Reports that generate large output files.

  • Reports that use prior fiscal years of payment data (i.e, PH and PHS files) and certain leave data files (i.e.,  LD, LH, and LR).

  • Reports that will be edited before printing.

  • Reports that will be downloaded.


For more information, refer to the following topics:

Submitting Batch Jobs

Batch Results