Occasionally while working in CIRS, outside variables occur which will cause the line to the control unit to go down or from the control unit to the terminal.   This is indicated by the symbol = followed by a number.  When this occurs, you are still logged on to the mainframe computer.  If you attempt to re-enter the system, a message will display indicating your userid is already in use.


To reenter CIRS, proceed through the screens until the TSO/E LOGON screen is displayed.  After entering your password, tab down to Reconnect, enter an S and then press the enter key.  A message will be displayed indicating that the reconnect was successful.  


-------------------------TSO/E LOGON ----------------------------


Enter LOGON parameters below:              RACF LOGON parameters:


Userid    ===> userid


Password  ===> password                      New Password  ===>


Procedure ===> CTLOGTST                      Group Indent  ===>


Acct Nmbr ===> CT200P.CTPR.USERID.CT200


Size      ===> 7168


Perform   ===>


Command   ===>


Enter an ’S’ before each option desired below:          

        - Nomail   -Nonotice   S–Reconnect   -OIDcard


PF1/PF13 ===>  PF3/PF15 ===>  PA1  ===> Attention  PA2 ===> Reshow


You may request specific help information by entering a ’?’ in any entry field.