System Costs

Campuses are billed a flat fee that is based on the number of faculty and staff at their campus.  In addition to the flat fee, charges are incurred when executing report requests and creating extract files.  There is no additional cost for using the Compendium.  


The approximate cost information is provided when reports are executed online or through batch (shown below).  



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******  *********************Top of Data ***********************


000002   CPU:  0 MINUTES 1.17 SECONDS

000003   APPROXIMATE CPU COST: $   .15



  • The cost provided includes the CPU time accrued as well as the approximate CPU cost for the report request(s) in a batch execution.  

  • Charges are only incurred when CPU is used.  

  • You are not charged while developing report requests or viewing the resulting output.  


It is important to understand the importance of creating efficient requests and/or limiting the number of runs made on CPU intensive requests.   HR-ISA will monitor these costs and if system resource costs for a particular campus become excessive, the campus may be billed an additional amount above the current flat fee.