Ad Hoc Action Commands

All commands available for maintaining and executing ad hoc report requests are listed above the library index.  The commands are applicable to both your personal library and the common library.


To use a command, type its alpha character to the left of the report name and press the enter key.    


                       CIRS PERSONAL LIBRARY                 

Cmds     B Browse  C Copy     D Delete        E Edit    Row 1 of 17

         P Print   R Rename   S Submit Batch  O Online Execution

Cmd  Name     Description                                 Changed  


 _  EMPHIST   EMPLOYMENT HISTORY REPORT                 2003/05/28

 B  EMPLIST   EMPLOYEE LIST - RUN QUARTERLY             2003/05/23

 _  FACULTY   FACULTY STATS                             2003/05/14


Refer to the following topics for more information:  


Browse Report Request (B Browse)

Copy Report Request (C Copy)

Delete Report Request (D Delete)

Edit Report Request (E Edit)

Print Report Request (P Print)

Rename (R Rename)

Submit Batch (S Submit Batch)

Online Execution (O Online Execution)