Compendium Function Keys

Available function keys are located at the bottom of the screen and perform actions related to navigation and accessing reports.  Some function keys (F3, F7, F8) are applicable throughout the system.  


F1=Express  F2=GuideMe  F3=Exit    F4=Locate   F5=Top10   F6=Detail

F7=Up       F8=Down     F9=Search  F10=BatchPrt


The following function keys are available from the main compendium screen.  For detailed information on the specific function, refer to the links below.  


  • Express (F1) = direct access to the cycles if the code is known.

  • GuideMe (F2) = search for reports by category and detail level.


For more information, refer to links above or to the following topics:

Main Compendium Screen

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