Ad Hoc Reporting

Users who are familiar with FOCUS reporting language, can use the system’s ad hoc reporting capabilities to create, store and execute report requests. Note:  The terms 'procedure' and 'member' will be used interchangeably with 'ad hoc report request'.


Over 24 databases are available for ad hoc reporting and can be used alone or can be merged with one or more files.  Most contain employment history or payment history.  


This manual will only provide instructions on using the ad hoc reporting capabilities of CIRS.  It does not attempt to teach FOCUS or data application.


  • Refer to the CIRS Data Element Dictionary for descriptions of the databases and data elements used in CIRS.

  • Documentation for the FOCUS reporting language can be obtained from the FOCUS vendor, Information Builders.  

  • Additional information on CIRS such as sample requests, reporting techniques and training classes can be found on the CIRS Web Site.