Compendium Reports

CIRS provides a large selection of reports that are pre-generated and ready for your use. Collectively, these reports are referred to as the compendium. The reports cover a wide range of personnel and payroll data and can be used by a wide variety of staff because no knowledge of FOCUS is required.   


  • Each report is identified by a unique 3-character code, and is available for one or more cycles (reporting period).  

  • Most reports are in a text format for printing, but some are in a tab-delimited format for downloading.

  • Reports in a text format will have a specification sheet (first page) that provides information such as the purpose of the report, the selection criteria used to generate the report, and if applicable, data definitions.

  • Access to compendium reports is determined by the CIRS Security Coordinator.  For additional information refer to the topic: Security Restrictions.

  • The cost of using the compendium is minimal because the reports are generated by HR-ISA on a pre-determined basis.  

  • The reports can be printed or downloaded ’as-is’ or can be edited similarly to editing batch reports or hold files.  

  • The reports are generated from COBOL and MARKIV programming languages, so they cannot be used in FOCUS.  


To access the compendium from the main ad hoc reporting screen, put your cursor over the phrase 'COMPENDIUM REPORTS' from the action bar and press enter.




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