Finding Compendium Reports

Several options are available for finding compendium reports from the main compendium screen.  


If you know the report code:

  • Use the Express (F1 Key) function to go directly to the report cycle screen.  

  • Use the Locate (F4 key) function to jump to the specified code in the report index.  This function can also be used if only the first letter of the code is known.  


If you don't know the report code:  

  • Use the Up/Down (F7 and F8 keys) functions to scroll up and down, respectively, through the alphabetical list of reports.  

  • Use the GuideMe (F2 key) function to initiate a menu guided search for a report.   

  • Use the Search (F9 key) function to locate reports that contain a specific word or phrase.


For more information refer to the following topics:

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