Equipment Requirements

To access CIRS, all equipment (printers, PC’s) must be hooked up to a control unit that is connected to the SCO mainframe computer. CIRS is compatible with all equipment currently hooked up to PIMS.  All PC’s require a 3270 terminal emulation board (e.g., IRMA 3270 PCI Adapter), and emulation software with file transfer capabilities (e.g., myExtra Enterprise).  Contact your campus IT support for recommendations and installation assistance.


The SCO must be advised of and approve changes to the telecommunication environment used to access the SCO’s computer.  This includes the addition of new terminals or personal computer, conversion to LAN’s, WAN’s and/or replacement of control units with gateways, routers or bridges.


To add or change hardware used for CIRS, submit Form CIRS001 to HR-ISA.  Refer to the form for completion instructions.