COAST Summer 2017 Interns


CSU Campus​

Location in California

​​​The Bay Institute
Daniel Hossfeld,
San Francisco State
​Ocean and Coastal Policy​,
​San Francisco
​California Department of Fish and Wildlife
Marine Region
​Jessica Bray,
CSU Monterey Bay

Shiho Koike,
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
​Marine Invertebrate Fisheries Management,
Bodega Bay
California Department of Fish and Wildlife 
Office of Spill Prevention and Response
​Simon Marks,
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
​​Natural Resource Damage Assessment​,
​California State Lands Commission
Marine Invasive Species Program

Julia Maddox,
Humboldt State
​Ballast Water, 
Hercules or Sacramento
​Xander Taylor,
Cal Poly Pomona
Vessel Biofouling Management,
Long Beach
​Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary
Marguerite McCann,
CSU Monterey Bay
Ocean Exploration,
Santa Barbara
Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary
Emily Sperou,
Sonoma State
​Benthic Science​,
Point Reyes
​Marine Applied Research & Exploration

Greta Goshorn,
Humboldt State
Marine Biology, 
Lorenzo Pagano,
Humboldt State
Marine Engineering,
​National Marine Protected Areas Center
​Nicole Alvarado,
CSU Monterey Bay
​Marine Protected Area Inventory​,
​​NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service, 
Protected Resources Division
​Marianne Rogers,
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
​Whale Entanglement​,
Long Beach
​NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service,
Sustainable Fisheries Division
​Leita Conklin,
CSU Long Beach
​Sustainable Fisheries,
Long Beach
Office of the National Marine Sanctuaries
West Coast Region
Marguerite McCann,
CSU Monterey Bay
​​Deep-Sea Coral Initiative​,

Remote Sensing Solutions, Inc.

Drew Faherty,
Cal Poly Pomona

Coastal Flood Modeling and Prediction​,

Seatrec, Inc.

Huy Nguyen,
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Thermal Energy Generator,

*Undergraduate students listed in italics

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