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​Dr. Krista​ Kamer


Dr. Krista Kamer has led the development of COAST since its inception in 2008, and has served as the program's director since 2011. As the Director she oversees all of COAST's activities with emphasis on implementing programmatic initiatives to serve CSU faculty members and students, increasing student success, developing st​rategic partnerships and engaging stakeholders, and pursuing extramural funding. Krista joined the CSU in 2003 and initially helped coordinate two large, multi-year, multi-million dollar ocean observing programs in California. Prior to her work with the CSU, she was a project scientist at the Southern California Coastal Water Research Project. Krista has a strong background in marine ecology, field work and experimental design. She earned her PhD in biology from the University of California, Los Angeles and a BA in biology from Connecticut College. Krista lives in Southern California with her husband and son and enjoys hiking and exploring the cultural diversity of Los Angeles.

​Kimberly Jassowski
Program Analyst​


​​​Kim_eelgrass.jpgKimberly Jassowski, who joined COAST as the Program Support Coordinator in February 2019, has a strong background in marine research, conservation, and restoration. While earning her Bachelors in Biology with an emphasis in Marine Biology at San Diego State University, she assisted the research of various COAST funded graduate students at the SDSU Coastal and Marine Institute. After graduating, Kimberly served as an AAUS Scientific Diver furthering marine research and restoration project goals for multiple non-profit organizations. During Orange County Coastkeeper’s Living Shorelines Project, Kimberly was part of the dive team that worked on restoring damaged eelgrass habitats in Newport Bay. She also performed numerous underwater surveys, tracking the health of California’s rocky reefs during her work with California Reefcheck and LA Waterkeeper. Before moving to Monterey in 2019, Kimberly worked as a marine educator and was a diver at the Aquarium of the Pacific. Kimberly can often be found scuba diving in Monterey’s beautiful ecosystems during her free time. 

Adam Paganini
Student Success Specialist​


Adam_portrait.jpgAdam Paganini was appointed to serve as COAST's Student Success Specialist in 2023. In this role he directs COAST's summer internship opportunities and plans to develop student talent and excellence through cohort-building and professional development.  Adam is simultaneously the Director of Student Success for the California State University Monterey Bay (CSUMB) Ocean Science Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program. Adam received both his BS in Biology (2008) and a Master of Science in Marine Biology (2013) from San Francisco State University where he worked alongside his mentor Dr. Jonathan Stillman. Adam garnered attention in the Stillman Lab with his research demonstrating the metabolic tradeoffs intertidal crabs make when exposed to future ocean warming and ocean acidification conditions. Adam then worked with the Estuary & Ocean Science (EOS) Center’s former Executive Director, Dr. Karina Nielsen, NOAA, and CeNCOOS to deploy a novel CO2-monitoring buoy into the SF Estuary that provided real-time carbonate chemistry and acidification monitoring.  Most recently, he concluded a 7-year NSF grant to build a new MS degree pathway at SF State called RIPTIDES, where he promoted student success in marine science training through cohort-strengthening and dedicated advising. Adam lives in Monterey Bay with his wife and enjoys wrestling with their dog, Frida, as well as playing guitar and singing in the latino punk-rock group La Plebe.​