COAST Summer 2020 Interns


CSU Campus



​​​California Department of Fish and Wildlife
Marine Region

Matthew Kim
Cal Poly Pomona

Southern California Marine Invertebrate Fisheries Management​
Ariel Gasca
San José State 

Emily Haydis
CSU Monterey Bay
​​Northern California Marine Invertebrate Fisheries Management
California Ocean Science Trust
Demetra Panos
CSU Northridge

​California State Lands Commission 
Marine Invasive Species Program
Kao Ger (Rose) Her
Sacramento State

Marine Invasive Species
​Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary

Nathan Shapiro
CSU Channel Islands

Ocean Exploration
​​NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service, 
Protected Resources Division​

Katie Blessing
CSU Long Beach

Abalone Conservation
​NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service,
Sustainable Fisheries Division

Jennifer Arias
CSU Long Beach

​Dolphin-Safe Tuna Tracking

​Marine Applied Research and Exploration

Isaac Travers
San Diego State 

​​Marine Computer Programming

​Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve
​Alexandra Fox
San Diego​ State 

Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve Bioindicator Trends and Analysis​

​*Undergraduate students listed in italics

+All internships for Summer 2020 were 100% remote due to COVID-19-related restrictions and precautions.

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