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Graduate Student Chelsea Bowers

Pacific sardines are an essential part of commercial fishing and the oceanic food chain. Graduate Student Chelsea Bowers, a COAST Graduate Student Research Awardee, and Dr. Misty Paig-Tran, a COAST Rapid Response Awardee, are quantifying ingested microplastics in wild Pacific sardines. They hope their findings will aid other scientists in studying and finding solutions to the growing microplastics problem. ​


​Researchers from CSU Channel Islands and San Francisco State are leading the study of the Beach Sustainability Assessment (BSA) decision support tool used to assess current and future conditions of California's beaches. This tool can be applied to beaches where coastal managers need to make management decisions, especially in light of climate change. This work has been supported in part by CSU COAST through a Rapid Response award to Dr. Kiki Patsch and Dr. Sean Anderson. ​


As climate change fuels wildfires and droughts, beavers play a critical role in fighting against these threats by creating wetlands. Despite this important role, beavers are largely unprotected from fur trade and poachers in the state of California. Beaver expert ​Dr. Emily Fairfax, CSU Channel Islands​, says protecting these animals is crucial in the fight against climate change. ​

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