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​California Sea Grant, in partnership with the California Ocean Protection Council (OPC), will administer $2 million in funding for five research projects that will address microplastics in California. Dr. Sultana, along with co-PIs Elizabeth Fassman-Beck (Southern California Coastal Water Research Authority) and Sonya Lopez (CSULA) will monitor microplastic accumulation and evaluate design and maintenence criteria for low-impact development best management practices.​


​Monterey Bay Seaweeds, a leading aquafarming operation in California, is pioneering sustainable seaweed cultivation. Dr. Michael Graham, a kelp biologist and San Jose State professor, has developed a system that harnesses natural sunlight and ocean water through an existing pipeline to cultivate seaweed. Supported by growing interest from marine labs and legislation introduced by Representative Jared Huffman, this initiative aims to bolster the California seafood market and kelp population, potentially making seaweed and other farmed products more accessible to consumers.​


​Scientists, including Dr. Luke Gardner and Jacob Harris of Moss Landing Marine Labs, are embarking on a mission to restore the Olympia oyster population in California's Elkhorn Slough, with hopes of combatting the effects of climate change there. The Olympia oyster, native to the West Coast, has seen a significant decline due to historical overharvesting and environmental impacts. By reintroducing these oysters, they aim to filter water, stabilize shorelines, sequester carbon, and provide crucial habitat support for other species in the face of a warming planet.​

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