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​A dry well is a well that is used to transmit surface water underground, usually including some form of pretreatment to remove contaminants from runoff. Drs. Ali Sharbat, Seema C. Shah-Fairbank, and Mehrad Kamalzare, professors of civil engineering at CPP, are working to determine how dry wells may be used to capture and reuse stormwater.​


​[Video] Dr. McDonald and her students are collecting new and valuable data on penguin movement and hunting patterns in the Antarctic. As a polar species, the Emperor penguin is likely to be one of the first animals that will be severely impacted by the effects of climate change. Factors such as loss of ice and rising air temperatures may mean we see a decline in penguin chicks within the next few years.​


​In an effort to combat coastal erosion caused by sea level rise, Dr. Danielle Zacherl and her team are studying the combined effects of eelgrass and oyster beds along Upper Newport Bay in Southern California. The team hopes to unravel the impacts of restoring ​ these native habitats over the next year to determine the best strategies in developing these living shorelines. 

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