COAST​ Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Webcast​s

COAST hosts workshops and panels to increase awareness, stimulate discussion and develop strategies to increase diversity, equity a​nd inclusion in marine science and related fields. This page will be updated ​as additional events are held.

​Updated May 4, 2021

CSU COAST and CSUPERB jointly hosted Dr. Terrell Morton, Assistant Professor of Identity and Justice in STEM Education at the University of Missouri-Columbia, who discussed identity, positionality, systemic racism, and implications for racially-minoritized people in STEM. Through the Critical Race Theory-informed approach, Dr. Morton prompted participants to examine their own identities to determine where they can take action toward racial equity and justice and change the perception of what is “normal” in STEM.​​The webcast consisted of a presentation followed by a facilitated conversation with Dr. Morton. The links to the recordings, along with annotations of the slides used, can be found below.​

Virtual Implicit Bias Workshop​ | January 13, 2021
CSU COAST hosted a workshop on implicit bias as part of our larger efforts to fight systemic racism and cultivate inclusive diversity in marine science across the CSU. The workshop explored how bias works and how we can reduce its harmful effects through a mix of presentations, large group discussions, small group discussions, interactive activities and evidence-based strategies for addressing implicit bias. ​More information on the workshop, including handouts​ and suggested readings, can be found here. ​

The CSU COAST 2020 Annual Meeting included a panel​ on inclusive diversity in scientific research, teaching and mentoring. Following the presentations by the panelists​, there was a robust discussion on the importance of meaningful inclusion with actional steps everyone can incorporate into their lab, classroom and everyday life.​ Recordings of the panel and additional information on the panelists​ can be found here.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in NSF Broader Impacts Webcast | June 23, 2020
​​CSU COAST and the Department of Research at the CSU Chancellor's Office held a webcast titled "Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in NSF Broader Impacts" on June 23, 2020.  The webcast focused on helping CSU researchers understand the value of br​oader impacts and how PIs can make this aspect of their NSF research proposals stronger, particularly with regard to meaningful inclusion of underrepresented students.​ Find out more here