​Understanding and Combating Systemic​ Racism
We are providing this curated, dynamic list of books, articles, podcasts, websites and other media to help understand systemic racism in the US and what we can do about it.​ This page is a work in progress. We welcome feedback and suggestions for additional resources to include. Please contact us at csucoast@csumb.edu​ with your suggestions a​​nd input.​​

​Updated September 17, 2021

Understanding Systemic Racism​
Shaun R. Harper, Lori D. Patton and Ontario S. Wooden| Journal of Higher Education (2009)

The Psychology of American Racism ​(peer-reviewed scientific article)| Posted 4/14/21
Steven O. Roberts and Michael T. Rizzo| American Psychologist (2020)

Racial Microaggressions in Everyday Life (peer-reviewed scientific article) Posted 7/23​/20
Derald Wing Sue, Christina M. Capodilupo, Gina C. Torino, Jennifer M. Bucceri, Aisha M. B. Holder, Kevin L. Nadal, and Marta Esquilin​| American Psychologist (2007)​​

So You Want to Talk About Race (non-fiction) Posted 7/23/20
Ijeoma Oluo | Seal Press (2018)​​

Ibram X. Kendi​ | Nation Books (2016)​

Between the World and Me (non-fiction) Posted 6/18/20
Ta-Nehisi Coates | Spiegel and Grau (2015)

Seeing White (podcast series) Posted 6/18/20
John Biewen and Chenjerai Kumanyika | Scene on Radio (2017)

Ta-Nehisi Coates | The Atlantic (2015)

The Case for Reparations (article) Posted 6/18/20
Ta-Nehisi Coates | The Atlantic (2014)

Michelle Alexander | The New Press (2010)​

Benefits of Diversity

Collaboration: Strength in diversity​ (peer-reviewed scientific article) | Posted 9/15/21
Richard B. Freeman and Wei Huang | Nature (2014)

Collaborating with People Like Me: Ethnic Coauthorship within the United States (peer-reviewed scientific article) | Posted 9/15/21
Richard B. Freeman and Wei Huang ​| Journal of Labor Economics (2015)

Kenneth Gibbs, Jr. ​| Scientific American (2014)

David Rock, Heidi Grant, and Jacqui Grey ​| Harvard Business Review (2016)
Lu Hong and Scott E. Page | Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (2004)

Opinion: Gender diversity leads to better science (opinion article)​​ | Posted 3/30/21
Mathias Wullum Nielsen, Sharla Alegria, Love Börjeson, Henry Etzkowitz, Holly J. Falk-Krzesinski, Aparna Joshi, Erin Leahey, Laurel Smith-Doerr, Anita Williams Woolley, and Londa Schiebinger | Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (2017)

The preeminence of ethnic diversity in scientific collaboration (peer-reviewed scientific article)​​ | Posted 3/30/21
Bedoor AlShebli, Talal Rahwan and Wei Lee Woon | Nature Communications (2018)

Evidence for a Collective Intelligence Factor in the Performance of Human Groups (peer-reviewed scientific article)​​ | Posted 6/19/20
Anita Williams Woolley, Christopher F. Chabris, Alex Pentland, Nada Hashmi and Thomas W. Malone | Science (2010)

The Diversity–Innovation Paradox in Science (peer-reviewed scientific article)​​ Posted 6/18/20
Bas Hofstra, Vivek V. Kulkarni, Sebastian Munoz-Najar Galvez, Bryan He, Dan Jurafsky, and Daniel A. McFarland | PNAS (2020)​​

Barriers in STEM, Geosciences and Ocean Sciences​

Elizabeth A. Canning, Katherine Muenks, Dorainne J. Green and Mary C. Murphy| Science Advances (2019)

Laurie T. O’Brien, Henry L. Bart and Donna M. Garcia ​ | Social Psychology of Education (2020)​

Sam Giles, Chris Jackson and Natasha Stephen | Nature Reviews Earth & Environment (2020)​

No progress on diversity in 40 years (comment) Posted 6/18/20
Rachel E. Bernard and Emily H. G. Cooperdock | Nature Geoscience (2018)

Without inclusion, diversity initiatives may not be enough (peer-reviewed scientific article)​ Posted 6/18/20
Chandler Puritty, Lynette R. Strickland, Eanas Alia, Benjamin Blonder, Emily Klein, Michel T. Kohl, Earyn McGee, Maclovia Quintana, Robyn E. Ridley, Beth Tellman, and Leah R. Gerber | Science (2017)

What Can We Do? ​​


Alex Madva| Cal Poly Pomona (June 16, 2020)​ | For CSU personnel ​only

​​How to Respond to Racial Microaggressions When They Occur​​ (article) Posted 7/23/20
J. Luke Wood & Frank Harris III| Diverse Education (2020)​​​​​

Implicit Association Test (online test) Posted 7/23/20
Project Implicit | Harvard University​ (2011)

How To Be An Antiracist​​ (non-fiction) Posted 7/7/20
​Ibram X. Kendi​ | Random House (2019)​​

Long-term reduction in implicit race bias: A prejudice habit-breaking intervention (peer-reviewed scientific article)​ Posted 6/18/20
Patricia G. Devine, Patrick S. Forscher, Anthony J. Austin and William T. L. Cox | Journal of Experimental Social Psychology (2012)

Claude M. Steele | W. W. Norton & Company (2010)

Higher Education and STEM

Melissa R. Cronin et al. | Nature Ecology & Evolution (2021)

How Field Courses Propel Inclusion and Collective Excellence​ (peer-reviewed scientific article)Posted 4/14/21
Erika S. Zavaleta, Roxanne S. Beltran, and Abraham L. Borker| Trends in Ecology & Evolution (2020)

Roxanne S. Beltran,​ Erin Marnocha, Alexandra Race, Donald A. Croll, Gage H. Dayton, Erika S. Zavaleta​| Ecology and Evolution (2020)

Ten Simple Rules for Building an Anti-Racist Research Lab​ (peer-reviewed scientific article)Posted 3/30/21
Danielle Venton and Asmeret Asefaw Berhe​| PLOS Computational Biology (2020)​​​ | KQED interview with Dr. Asmeret Asefaw Berhe

Marisela Martinez-Cola | Understanding and Dismantling Privilege (2020)

Culturally Responsive Pedagogy in STEM Fields ​(interview)Posted​ 3/22/21
Interview with Dr. Heather Macias (CSU Long Beach)| STEM-NET, All Things STEM (2021)

Elizabeth A Eschenbach, Mary Virnoche, Eileen Cashman, Susan M Lord and Michelle Madsen Camacho| Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE) Proceedings​ (2014)

Lindsey Malcom-Piqueux ​| Imagining the Future of Undergraduate STEM Education Symposium​ (2020)

Anti-Racism in Higher Education: A Model for Change​​ ​(peer-reviewed scientific article)Posted​ 3/5/21
Allison N. Ash,​ Redgina Hill, Stephen N. Risdon, & Alexander Jun​ | Race and Pedagogy Journal: Teaching and Learning for Justice (2020)

10 Ways to Tackle Linguistic Bias in Our Classrooms ​(opinion)Posted​ 2/2/21
Catherine Savini​ | Insider Higher ED (2021)

Candice Powell, Cynthia Demetriou, Terrell R. Morton & James M. Ellis​ | Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice (2020) | But is it really “just” science? Engaging critical race theory to unpack racial oppression with implications for Black student science engagement​ webinar​ (10/21/20)

Afra Saeed Ahmad, Isaac Sabat, Rachel Trump-Steele and Eden King​ | Frontiers in Psychology (2019)​

Race M​atters​​ (Commentary) Posted​ 9/25/20
David J. Asai | Cell (2020) | See Race REALLY matters webinar (8/27/20)

Kimberly D. Tanner | CBE Life Sciences Eduction (2013)

Safe Fieldwork Strategies for At-Risk Individuals​ (pre-print) Posted​ 8/27/20
Amelia-Juliette Demery and Monique Pipkin | Pre-prints (2020)

Asmeret Asefaw Berhe and Sora Kim | The Muse (2020)​​

Geosciences and Ocean Sciences

Mona Behl, Sharon Cooper, Corey Garza, Sarah E. Kolesar, Sonya Legg, Jonathan C. Lewis, Lisa White and Brandon Jones | Oceanography (2021)​

Corey Garza | Oceanography (2021)

Lora Harris, Corey Garza et al.​ | AGU Advances (2021)​

Lora Harris et al.​ | Estuaries and Coasts (2021)​​

Reaching Out to Underserved Communities ​(Commentary)|​ Posted 8/31/21
Corey Garza​ | Marine Technology Society Journal (2015)

Vernon R. Morris| AGU Advances (2021)
Nia Morales, Kari Bisbee O’Connell, Stacy McNulty, Alan Berkowitz, Gillian Bowser, Michael Giamellaro, Maria N. Miriti| The Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America (2020)​​​

Hostile climates are barriers to diversifying the geosciences​ (peer-reviewed scientific article)|​ Posted 1/27/21
Erika Marín-Spiotta, Rebecca T. Barnes, Asmeret Asefaw Berhe, Meredith G. Hastings, Allison Mattheis, Blair Schneider, and Billy M. Williams| Advances in Geosciences (2020)​​​

Ten Steps to Protect BIPOC Scholars in the Field​​​ (opinion article) Posted 11/16/20
Joshua Anadu, Hendratta Ali, and Christopher Jackson​ | Eos, Science News by AGU​ (2020)

Strategies for Increasing Diversity in the Ocean Science Workforce Through Mentoring​​ (peer-reviewed scientific article)​​Posted 6/23/20
Johnson, A., M.J. Huggans, D. Siegfried, and L. Braxton | Oceanography (2016)​

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