COAST Scholars-In-Training 2017-18 Scholars
Kylie Foley smiling for a picture
​K​​ylie Foley, first-year molecular biology student

Mentor: Daniel Goss​ard

​"I feel more pr​epared to finish my degree and explore all the options that my field of study has to offer. I definitely am more knowledgeable in scientific research because I have been able to develop new research skills that I did not know I would need before…I am extremely glad that I was chosen to conduct research with my mentor because it has led me to explore new paths I could take in science.“​​

Mina Hernandez smiling for a picture
​​​Mina Hernande​z, second-year marine science student

Project: Saving up: Resource storage in stalked kelp (Pterygophora californica)
Mentor: Lindsay Cooper

"I am now more eager than ever to continue on the path I have set for myself. Professional researcher has become my new aspiration, Scholars-In-Training definitely was a​ key contributor to this decision.​"​

Final Presentation

Silvia Vasquez smiling for a picture
​Silvia Vasquez, first-year marine science and mathematics student

Mentor: Lindsay Cooper

"This experience changed my educational and career goal because I wish to work with coral reefs…I even added a biology minor to my degree.”

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