Legislative Briefings and Expert Panels

As part of its on-going efforts to provide the State with the scientific information it requires to manage California’s extraordinary marine environment, COAST convenes legislative briefings and expert panels regularly in Sacramento. These events provide the legislature, state agencies and non-governmental organizations with the best available science for informed decision-making. COAST’s role is to be a neutral arbiter of information and to not advocate for any particular outcome. More on the briefing and panel selection process.

Bridging science to policy on offshore oil platform decommissioning

California Ocean Day Luncheon, April 11, 2023, Sacramento

Speaker biographies

Dr. Jeremy Claisse, Associate Professor, Quantitative Marine Ecology, Cal Poly Pomona
Jennifer Lucchesi​, Executive Officer, California State Lands Commission
Esperanza Vielma, Executive Director, Environmental Justice Coalition for Water
Asm. Gregg Hart​, California Senate District 37

Microplastics: California's big little plastic problem

California Ocean Day Lunchtime Webinar, March 29, 2022

Dr. Eunha Hoh, Professor, School of Public Health, San Diego State University
Dr. Scott Coffin, Research Scientist, State Water Resources Control Board
Office of Senator Ben Allen​, California Senate District 26

The Science and Impacts of Oil Spills, "Ask An Expert" Legislative Briefing in partnership with the California Ocean Science Trust and Assemblymember Petrie-Norris

Dr. Sean Anderson​, Professor of Environmental Science and Resource Management, CSU Channel Islands   
Dr. Andrea Bonisoli Alquati, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences, Cal Poly Pomona
Dr. Natalie Mladenov​, Associate Professor, Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering, San Diego State University
Dr. Rich Ambrose, UC Los Angeles
Dr. Jennifer Dugan, UC Santa Barbara
Steve Hamption, Former CDFW-OSPR

Sea-Level Rise Related Research, Meeting with California legislative staff, April 12, 2021


Dr. Katharyn (Kathy) Boyer, Professor, Biology, San Francisco State University
Dr. Ben Hagedorn, Associate Professor, Geological Sciences, CSU Long Beach
Dr. Phil King, Associate Professor, Economics, San Francisco State University
Dr. Kiersten (Kiki) Patsch, Assistant Professor, Environmental Science and Resource Management, CSU Channel Islands
Dr. Dan Reineman, Assistant Professor, Environmental Science and Resource Management, CSU Channel Islands
Dr. Laurie Richmond, Associate Professor, Environmental Science and Management, Humboldt State University
Dr. Christine Whitcraft, Professor, Biological Sciences, CSU Long Beach

Sea-level Rise and Impacts to Vulnerable and Disadvantaged Communities

California Ocean Day Luncheon, March 19, 2019, Sacramento

Dr. Kiki Patsch, California State University Channel Islands | Slides
Dr. Juliano Calil, Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey | Slides
Mr. Serge Dedina, City of Imperial Beach | Slides
Mr. Jack Ainsworth, California Coastal Commission​ | Slides
Ms. Amy Vierra, CSU COAST (moderator)​

​​​Artificial Reefs: The State of the Science in California
Legislative Briefing, June 12, 2018, Sacramento

Dr. Jeremy Claisse, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Dr. Milton Love, UC Santa Barbara
Ms. Becky Ota, California Department of Fish and Wildlife
Dr. Mark Steele, CSU Northridge

Dr. James Lindholm, CSU Monterey Bay (moderator)

The Future of Fish: Trade-offs Associated with California's Seafood
California Ocean Day Luncheon, February 20, 2018, Sacramento

Dr. Mike Graham, Moss Landing Marine Labs, San José State University
Dr. James Lindholm, CSU Monterey Bay
Dr. Dale Squires, UC San Diego

Secretary John Laird, Natural Resources Agency (moderator)


Coastal Monitoring: Ocean Changes and the California Coastline
Assembly Select Committee On Coastal Protection and Access to Natural Resources Informational Hearing, June 7, 2017, Sacramento

Assemblymember Mark Stone, California State Assembly
Dr. Mark Carr, UC Santa Cruz
Ms. Cyndi Dawson, Ocean Protection Council
Dr. James Lindholm, CSU Monterey Bay
Dr. Selen​a McMillan, Reef Check California
Dr. Karina Nielsen, San Francisco State University
Dr. Pete Raimondi, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management

Offshore Wind Energy Production in California

Legislative Briefing, March 14, 2017, Sacramento

Ms. Sandy Aylesworth, Natural Resources Defense Council
Commissioner Karen Douglas, Califo​rnia Energy Commission
Ms. Jenn Eckerle, Ocean Protection Council
Dr. Benjamin Ruttenberg, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Dr. James Lindholm, CSU Monterey Bay (moderator)

Living Shorelines: Nature-Based Coastal Protection
California Ocean Day Luncheon, March 14, 2017, Sacramento

​​Dr. Katharyn Boyer, San Francisco State University
Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia, California State Assembly
Ms. Mary Small, ​California Coastal Conservancy​​
Secretary John Laird, Natural Resources Agency (modertor)​


Ocean Aquaculture in California: Status and Opportunities
California Ocean Day Luncheon, March 15, 2016, Sacramento

Secretary John Laird, California Natural Resources Agency
Dr. Michael Lee, CSU East Bay​ 
​Ms. Diane Windham, NOAA Fisheries West Coast Regional Coordinator, California

​It’s a Small World After All: How Ships Move Biological Species Around the World and How Risks Are Managed

California Ocean Day Luncheon, March 24, 2015, Sacramen​to

Mr. Christopher Scianni, California State Lands Commission 
Dr. Nick Welschmeyer, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, San José State University


​​Multi-tasking in the Marine Environment: How Marine Organisms are Dealing with Multiple Sources of Stress

California Ocean Day Luncheon, March 24, 2014, Sacramento

Ms. Cat Kuhlman, Ocean Protection Council
Dr. Karina Nielsen, Sonoma State University
Dr. Anne Todgham, San Francisco State University and UC Davis


​A New Foundation for the Adaptive Management of California's Marine Protected Areas: How Baseline MPA Characterization Has Set the Stage for Cost-effective and Partnership-based Ongoing Monitoring Programs

California Ocean Day Luncheon, April 16, 2013, Sacramento

Dr. James Lindholm, CSU Monterey Bay
Dr. Dean Wendt, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
Dr. Liz Whiteman, California Ocean Science Trust and MPA Monitoring Enterprise


Contaminants of Emerging Concern in the Marine Environment
California Ocean Day Luncheon, March 26, 2012, Sacramento

Dr. Kevin Kelley, CSU Long Beach
Dr. Keith Maruya, Southern California Coastal Water Research Project 

Collaborative Fisheries Research: Stakeholder Perspectives
Informational Briefing, November 17, 2010, Sacramento

Mr. Michael Bell, The Nature Conservancy
Mr. Tom Mattusch, Recreational Fisherman
Mr. Tim Maricich, Commercial Fisherman


Collaborative Fisheries Research: Supporting California's Information Needs
Informational Briefing, September 21, 2010, Sacramento 

Dr. James Lindholm, CSU Monterey Bay
Dr. Rick Starr, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, San José State University
Dr. Dean Wendt, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo​

From left to right: Dr. James Lindholm (CSU Monterey Bay), Dr. Mark Steele​ (CSU Northridge), Dr. Jeremy Claisse (Cal Poly Pomona), Dr. Milton Love (UC Santa Barbara), and Ms. Becky Ota (California Department of Fish and Wildlife​) discussing the state of the science of artificial reefs in California during the COAST legislative briefing on June 12, 2018 in Sacramento.


From left to right:  Dr. Dale Squires (UC San Diego​), Dr. Mike Graham (Moss Landing Marine Labs, San José State), Dr. James Lindholm​ (CSU Monterey Bay), ​Former Secretary John Laird (California Natural Resources Agency), and Ms. Amy Vierra​ (CSU COAST)​ speaking to attendees about the trade-offs associated with California's seafood at the CSU COAST California Ocean Day Luncheon on February 20, 2018 in Sacramento.


From left to right: Ms. Mary Small (​California Coastal Conservancy) and ​Former Secretary John Laird (California Natural Resources) discussing living shorelines and their potential to act as nature-based coastal protection in California at the CSU COAST California Ocean Day Luncheon on March 14, 2017 in Sacramento.

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