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Race M​atters​​ (Commentary) Posted​ 9/25/20
David J. Asai | Cell (2020) | See Race REALLY matters webinar (8/27/20)

Asmeret Asefaw Berhe and Sora Kim | The Muse (2020)​​

Anti-Racism in Higher Education: A Model for Change​​ ​(peer-reviewed scientific article)Posted​ 3/5/21
Allison N. Ash,​ Redgina Hill, Stephen N. Risdon, & Alexander Jun​ | Race and Pedagogy Journal: Teaching and Learning for Justice (2020)​

The Land That Never Has Been Yet ​(podcast series) Posted 8/27​/20
John Biewen and Chenjerai Kumanyika | Scene on Radio (2020)​​

Namandjé Bumpus​ | ​Nature (2020)​

Racism, Sociology of ​(peer-reviewed scientific article)​​​| Posted 1/27/21
Matthew Clair and Jeffrey S.Denis| International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences (Second Edition) (2015)​​​​​

Angeline Dukes, Elena Dominguez, and Autumn Ivy, PhD​ | (2020)​​​​​

Race and racism in the geosciences​ (article)Posted 7/22/20
Kuheli Dutt​ | Nature Geoscience volume ​ (2019)​​​
Elizabeth A Eschenbach, Mary Virnoche, Eileen Cashman, Susan M Lord and Michelle Madsen Camacho| Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE) Proceedings​ (2014)

The time tax put on scientists of colour (article) Posted 7/20/20
Virginia Gewin | Nature (2020)

Virginia Gewin​| Nature (2018)​​​​​

Virginia Gewin | Nature (2020)​

The Diversity–Innovation Paradox in Science (peer-reviewed scientific article)​​ Posted 6/18/20
Bas Hofstra, Vivek V. Kulkarni, Sebastian Munoz-Najar Galvez, Bryan He, Dan Jurafsky, and Daniel A. McFarland | PNAS (2020)​​

Marisela Martinez-Cola | Understanding and Dismantling Privilege (2020)

Lindsey Malcom-Piqueux​| Imagining the Future of Undergraduate STEM Education Symposium​ (2020)​
Culturally Responsive Pedagogy in STEM Fields ​(interview)Posted​ 3/22/21
Interview with Dr. Heather Macias (CSU Long Beach)| STEM-NET, All Things STEM (2021)

A recipe for change: Creating a more inclusive academy ​(article) Posted 6/22/20
Beth Mitchneck, Jessi L. Smith and Melissa Latimer | Science (2016)

How to be an Antiracist Scientist ​(webinar​) Posted 7/23/20
Christine Montgomery | CSUPERB (2020)

(peer-reviewed scientific article)​​​ Posted 6/18/20
Joseph A. Whittaker and Beronda L. Montgomery | Innovative Higher Education​ (2014)​

Twelve Years A Slave (non-fiction) Posted 6/18/20
Solomon Northup | Derby and Miller (1853)​

Race Matters: America In Crisis (news special) ​Posted 6/18/20
PBS Newshour (2020)​

Candice Powell, Cynthia Demetriou, Terrell R. Morton & James M. Ellis​ | Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice (2020) | But is it really “just” science? Engaging critical race theory to unpack racial oppression with implications for Black student science engagement​ webinar​ (10/21/20)

How Diversity Makes Us Smarter​ (article) Posted 6/18/20
Katherine W. Phillips | Scientific American (2014)

John Pickrell​ | Science (2020)

Catherine Riegle-Crumb, Barbara King and Yasmiyn Irizarry| Educational Researcher (2019)​​​

Why Diverse Teams Are Smarter​ (article) Posted 6/18/20
David Rock and Heidi Grant | Harvard Business Review (2016) ​

Afra Saeed Ahmad, Isaac Sabat, Rachel Trump-Steele and Eden King​ | Frontiers in Psychology (2019)​

How to make your teaching more inclusive​ ​(article) Posted 8/25/20
Viji Sathy and Kelly A. Hogan| The Chronicle (2019)​

How Diversity Empowers Science and Innov​ation (special report) Posted 6/18/20
State of the World's Science (2014)

Kimberly D. Tanner | CBE Life Sciences Eduction (2013)

R.A.V.E.N Approach for Addressing Microaggressions (one-slide presentation) Posted 7/23/20
J. Luke Wood & Frank Harris III| CORA Learning (2020)​​​​​​​​

Racial Microaggressions: Redressing Inequities for Men of Color in Community Colleges​ ​(presentation) Posted 7/23/20 J. Luke Wood & Frank Harris III | COS (2020)​

​J. Luke Wood & Frank Harris III | Youtube (2020)

Evidence for a Collective Intelligence Factor in the Performance of Human Groups (peer-reviewed scientific article)​​ | Posted 6/19/20
Anita Williams Woolley, Christopher F. Chabris, Alex Pentland, Nada Hashmi and Thomas W. Malone | Science (2010)

A Call to Action for an Anti-Racist Science Community from Geoscientists of Color: Listen, Act, Lead​ (letter) Posted 6/18/20

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