Space Management


The Office of Space Management in Facilities Planning develops, administers and maintains the systemwide Space and Facilities Database (SFDB).

Space Management provides reports to Sacramento, campus departments and outside agencies to assist in the analysis of capital outlay budget requests for new buildings, renovations and other space-related issues in the CSU's Capital Outlay Program.

Space Management also provides technical support to all CSU campuses and to the CSU’s systemwide division of Facilities Planning.

Space and Facilities Database (SFDB)

The California State University Space and Facilities Database (SFDB)​ is a CSU systemwide inventory of campuses’ physical resources that serves as the official CSU central record for current physical inventory.

Each campus maintains its own space and facilities inventory th​at provides planning and management data. The data provided by each campus during an annual reporting period to the SFDB, which is maintained at the Chancellor’s Office, provides information about facilities and rooms within the facilities.

The SFDB serves as the campuses’ official record of existing spaces. The SFDB is used in the

  • analysis of space needs
  • analysis of the capital outlay budget change proposals (COBCP)
  • space utilization and other space and facilities-related issues and reports
  • custodial funding basis
  • private-use reporting





Private-Use Reporting

The CSU’s facilities—both academic and self-support—have generally been funded with tax-exempt bonds by the CSU and the state of California. The use of all such tax-exempt bond-funded campus facilities, spaces or areas must be reported annually and monitored to assure compliance with IRS regulations.

The facilities subject to IRS compliance on private activity—any use of a building for business other than campus use—include those initially financed or subsequently re-financed with any of the following:

  • State General Obligation (GO) Bonds
  • State Public Works Board (PWB)-issued lease revenue bond funds since 1988
  • CSU Systemwide Revenue Bond (SRB)
  • Commercial Paper (CP)




When a campus opens new space for academics or academics-related use, they are qualified to request maintenance (custodial) funding from the state budget. Regular maintenance of new facilities includes the cost of utilities, building maintenance, custodial, landscape and administrative support.

The Custodial and Farm Space Report is updated annually and changes to state-maintained space directly impacts the campus’s operating budget. Custodial for academic and farm space is inventoried on the Space and Facilities Database and a reporting window is provided annually to report any changes in the square footage data.



Space Standards

The CSU Space Standards are based on the state's guidelines to help the campus plan and budget for physical capacity space during the programming of a new facility. Space Standards can help define the room use and assignable square footage of lecture, teaching lab and office spaces and can be applied to analyze the space needs and entitlement of the campus.