Campus Assignments

Systemwide Assignments

  • Land Use EIR/CEQA
    Anne Collins-Doehne
    Director, Land Use Planning and Environmental Review​
    (562) 951-4161
  • Energy and Sustainability
    Tamara Wallace​
    Sustainability Program Manager​​​
    (562) 951-4296
  • Facilities Operations
    Shawn Holland
    Chief, Facilities Operations
    (562) 951-4634
  • Energy
    Michael (Mike) Clemson
    Carbon Reduction​ Manager
    (562) 951-4291

Associate PlannerDesign /​
Construction ManagerOffice of Fire Safety
Lin Dip Andersen Gomoljak Major
Channel Islands SmithVacant Saberi GomoljakVacant
Chico SmithVacant Saberi Rivas Major
Dominguez Hills SmithVacant Saberi LautVacant
East Bay Lin Dip Andersen Gomoljak Major
Fresno LinVacant Andersen Gomoljak Major
Fullerton Lin Dip Saberi LautVacant
Long Beach Lin Dip Saberi LautVacant
Los Angeles LinVacant Andersen LautVacant
Maritime Academy SmithVacant Saberi Laut Major
Monterey Bay SmithVacant Andersen Gomoljak Major
Northridge Lin Dip Saberi LautVacant
Pomona Smith Dip Saberi RivasVacant
Sacramento Lin Dip Andersen Rivas Major
San Bernardino LinVacant Andersen RivasVacant
San DiegoGannoeVacant Andersen RivasVacant
San Francisco Smith Dip Andersen Laut Major
San Jose Lin Dip Saberi Gomoljak Major
San Luis Obispo Smith Dip Andersen Rivas Major
San Marcos Lin Dip Saberi RivasVacant
Sonoma SmithVacant Saberi Gomoljak Major
Stanislaus LinVacant Andersen Gomoljak Major