Facilities Management Institute

Facilities Management Institute

What is the FMI?

The CSU Facilities Management Institute (FMI) is the CSU’s administrative framework for its planning, design and construction, and plant operations professional development program. The purpose of the FMI is to educate, prepare, and support CSU personnel as they advance in their facilities management career. The office of Capital Planning, Design and Construction (CPDC) manages the program.

How do I participate?

The CSU FMI is only available to CSU personnel and related auxiliary staff as its training programs address business practices that are specific to the CSU. The FMI consists of four types of professional development programs: New Hire Orientations, Facilities Education, Networking & Mentorship, and Certificate Programs.

New Hire Orientations

The FMI offers two orientations that cover fundamental information about CSU capital planning and facilities management: CSU Facilities 101 and CPDC 101. Although primarily targeted to newly hired personnel, these orientation sessions are ideal for anyone who is interested in learning more about construction, planning, or facilities management at the CSU. Orientations are scheduled annually — subscribe to the FMI mailing list to receive updates about upcoming sessions.

Facilities Education

CPDC works with vendors and campus stakeholders to host regular Zoom or in- person training sessions throughout the year. View the CPDC training calendar for details about planned training sessions and registration links. In addition to live training, CSU Learn offers access to on- demand content such as courses and recordings of live sessions. Access CSU Learn and navigate to Library > CPDC to browse our growing content library.

Networking & Mentorship

The Facilities Management Institute is designed to empower you not only with knowledge but also with a strong network of mentors and peers. Connect with experienced professionals across the CSU and gain insights into industry trends by attending the biennial Facilities Management Conference. To attend, keep an eye out for our official announcements! Additionally, the Women in Facilities affinity group provides opportunities to receive guidance on your journey towards success. If you are interested in joining Women in Facilities, contact Amy Forte at [email protected].

Certificate Programs

Elevate your skills with our comprehensive Certificate Programs. Designed to provide you with focused and practical knowledge, our programs equip you with the expertise needed to excel in your chosen field. Certificate Programs offer structured curriculum and hands- on training that will set you apart. For more details, review the list of current program offerings below.