Board of Trustees


The 25-member Board of Trustees​ (BOT) adopts regulations and policies governing the entire CSU system. Board committees have authority over educational policy, finance, campus planning, and facilities, among other areas. Items related to CPDC typically fall under the agenda for the Committee on Campus Planning, Buildings and Grounds (CPBG​).

Board of Trustee meetings are public meetings, and the agenda is posted 10 days in advance. The board meets six times a year (January, March, May, July, September​ and November). Committee meetings typically take place over a two-day period on a Tuesday and Wednesday.

Throughout the year, CPDC works with campuses and other departments to develop and present agenda items at each of the Board of the Trustees' meetings.

Agenda Items include:

  • Campus Master Plans and Final Environmental Impact Reports (FEIRs)
  • Schematic Plans, Budgets and Related Environmental Documents for Capital Outlay Projects
  • Amendments to State and Self-Support Capital Outlay Program
  • Categories and Criteria for Capital Outlay Program
  • Annual Capital Outlay Program and Five-Year Capital Improvement Program, Academic and Self-Support Funded
  • Status Reports on Action Year State Funded Capital Outlay Program
  • Progress Report on Capital Outlay Projects
  • California Environmental Quality Act Report (Annual)
  • Seismic Review Board Report (Annual)
  • Campus Real Property Proposals
  • Professional Appointment Policy
  • Alternative Financing Proposals for Capital Program
  • Deferred Maintenance within the CSU
  • Energy Conservation and Sustainability
  • Capital Outlay Process and Amendments to Standing Orders
  • Forums on Capital Development Program
  • Campus Profiles of Capital Development Program
  • Gifts of Real Property

In collaboration with the campuses, CPDC develops presentations for each major capital project presented to the Board to provide a concise overview. Supporting documents are generally due to CPDC six weeks prior to the BOT meeting date.

How to Prepare for a BOT Meeting

Schematic Approvals and Ma​jor Master Plan Revisions

  • Campuses should consult with the assigned University Planner to schedule a Schematic Review Meeting or Master Plan Review meeting prior to the CPDC Due Date for Agenda Items. Campuses will need to prepare and provide the documents as outlined in the appropriate checklist for BOT submissions.
  • Campuses should provide all presentation materials in accordance with the published due dates. The length of presentation will be pre-determined and final presentation is to be coordinated with appropriate CPDC staff.
  • The CPDC University Planner will share/collaborate applicable agenda items with staff in Financing and Treasury and in Academic and Student Affairs prior to officially submitting items.
  • Once the item is set on the actual agenda for the next BOT meeting, backup material requested by CPDC Assistant Vice Chancellor will be due no later than agenda posting date (10 days prior to BOT meeting).