Mechanical Peer Review Resume: Jairam Agaram, P.E.

Jairam Agaram Experience
Jai has a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering and has an overall work experience of 27 years in the industry with focus on building energy efficiency, design engineering and energy project development of public financed and third-party financed projects. His extensive work experience spans across several industries and technologies including individual buildings, large campuses, institutions, power production and cogeneration facilities and central plants. Creativity, problem-solving, and taking the lead in a given team or work-situation have been an integral part of Jai's work during any of the various positions he has held over the last several decades. Jai has successfully led teams in design and engineering efforts in the fields of lighting, HVAC, DDC controls, central plants, and cogeneration systems. In the course of his experience, Jai has developed numerous computer models that assist engineers in the rapid evaluation of engineering and project alternatives. These computer models have assisted energy engineers across the country in various fields including lighting audits, natural gas transportation, project management, central plant systems optimization, life-cycle costing of projects, and cogeneration. In addition, Jai has utilized many of the industry standard simulation tools such as Trace-700 and DOE 2, in the design and simulation of buildings.

Representative Projects
During the last 6-years, Jai has assisted the California Energy Commission in new building design review studies as well as feasibility studies for determining energy efficiency potential in schools, City and County facilities. He has reviewed numerous ESCO proposals and has assisted owners in negotiations related to technical and financial project development issues. He has also assisted various community colleges and CSU campuses in the design of lighting retrofits, HVAC retrofits and DDC/EMS projects in numerous campus buildings. Jai has assisted several CSU campuses and continues to assist UC campuses in the commissioning of central plants with Thermal Energy Storage Systems. Jai was also instrumental in assisting the San Jose State University in the evaluation and purchase of the 5.6 MW cogeneration facility. Jai developed a simulation model for the University of California, San Francisco campus, twin turbine cogeneration plant. Very recently, Jai completed a central chiller and boiler project for a community college building, a lighting retrofit project for the San Francisco General Hospital, and evaluation of central plant alternatives for the San Francisco General Hospital. For the various health-care facility projects, Jai has successfully taken the project designs through the OSHPD approval processes.

Professional Registrations
Mechanical Engineer, License # M-21844

Classes, Seminars and Speaking Engagements

  • Various training sessions related to Life Cycle costing for energy projects – 1982-92, Statewide in California
  • Training seminars related to the computerized auditing techniques for lighting and HVAC projects; 1997-2004, California, Texas, Kansas, Florida

Sample Publications:
"Life-Cycle Cost Analysis Model for Energy Projects" – Used as a standard for all State of California funded energy projects for over 10-years, Published 1982

"Hourly Simulation and Optimization of Central Plants with Cogeneration" – Used for over $300 million worth of Cogeneration projects statewide, Published for the International Cogeneration Conference, Houston – 1984.

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