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Hip-Hop & Street Dance
with Rennie Harris University​


1: 6/24/2024 - 7/7/2024




Join Rennie Harris and his esteemed panel of faculty in celebrating 50 years of hip-hop and street dance! Integrate technique, knowledge, and history into a truly immersive experience. Train in numerous styles including hip-hop proper, house, body sustainability, and more. Delve into the historical and cultural roots of hip-hop’s foundations. Combine physical practice and intellectual exploration to unlock your flow, while building meaningful connections and community to last a lifetime.

Who Should Take This Class

Students of all levels, abilities, and experience who are curious and passionate about studying hip-hop and street-style dance and culture. Experience is a plus, commitment is a must.

Required Application Materials (please submit materials in a single document)

  • Personal statement: explain your personal relationship with hip-hop and what about this course speaks to you (500 words)
  • Video audition: introduce yourself in a freestyle video (one to two minutes)

Course Coordinator

Farrah McAdam (Sonoma) has 20+ years of widespread movement experiences and gatherings as a dance educator, choreographer, facilitator, and artist in the Bay Area. She is invested in equitable, caring environments where history and critical thinking are investigated as much as physical embodiments. McAdam holds bachelor’​s degrees in both dance and psychology and is currently pursuing certification through Rennie Harris University’s inaugural cohort as a C1 candidate.

Guest Artists

Rennie Harris

Rennie Harris

Rennie Harris, likened to Basquiat and Bob Fosse, has performed alongside Run DMC, LL Cool J, Madonna, and Will Smith. He coined the term “Street Dance Theater”, set works on Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, and was voted one of the most influential people in Philadelphia's last hundred years.