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Media Arts Festival

CSU Summer Arts established the Media Arts Festival in 1991 to give talented students studying film, broadcasting, video, screenwriting, and new media within the 23-campus California State University system an opportunity to present their work for critical review. The mission of the MAF includes helping students of the CSU bridge the gap between student and working professional and to become better prepared to work in the entertainment and media industries.

A panel of distinguished faculty and industry leaders selects each year’s finalists and winners, and all finalist selections are screened at the festival. Cash prizes and the prestigious CSU Media Arts Festival Award are bestowed on award-winning works.


The 2022 CSU Media Arts Festival Awards Presentation will be presented online on ​Wednesday, October 26, 2022. Time TBD.
In advance of the Awards Presentation, we will have a Screening of finalists October 21 through October 25. 
Details for the Screening and Awards Presentation will be available in Fall 2022. 

2021 Finalists
Here's a listing of the 2021 finalists scree



Coronavirus: Pandemia Mundial (Coronavirus: Global Pandemic) – Rita LaVau, Gabriela Martinez, Giselle Martinez, Samantha Aguilar, Dolores Alvarez, Edwin Flores, Jorge Flores, Stephanie Mejia, Janelli Pedroza, Marina Rodriguez, Daisy Tornel, Angie Zubia  (40:28, Television News)
George Floyd & Black Lives Matter: A Conversation | The Report: Roundtable Discussion – Kelly Jessica Hoffman, Richard Mortimer, Titan TV Communications Staff & Interns (25:56, Television News)
Lo Que Está Trending! (What’s Trending!) – Kimberly Cruz, Edwin Flores, Jorge Flores, Jessica Lopez, Rebecca Loyola, Jennifer Vazquez (3:27, Television News)


72 – Valor Eden Aguilar, Luke Baird, Joseph Bucsit, Mina Bogedahl (3:13, Animation)
Breaking the Binary – Luca Pena, Audrey Sutton  (5:02, Documentary/Creative Non-Fiction)
Dancing with Death – Paula Kiley, Audrey Sutton  (5:10, Documentary/Creative Non-Fiction)
Falling (in Love) | Adobe After Effects – Cathy Bui, Bobby Kelley (1:00, Promotional)
Gireogi Appa – So Youn Jeon (3:14, Experimental)
How to Stop Being Chinese – Isaac Kau, Seia Watanabe, Moises Marquez, Brandon Kheang, Tzu-han Hsu, Michael Xu, Nicholas Delgado, Marissa Espiritu, Dominique Briet, Tiana Barajas  (3:49, Experimental)
Liar’s Bluff – Ronan Cole Jensen, Dominic Hure  (16 pages, Short Screenplay)
Little Canaries – Hunter Woelfle, Phoenix Liu, Adriana Morales, Domenic Hure (13:57, Narrative)
Mis Alas | Raymundo – Cathy Bui, Bobby Kelley, Brandon Kheang, Alex Nguyen, Zoe Thomson, Sam Navarro, Michael Xu  (4:06, Promotional)
Shadow Box – Jessenia Blackstone El Massioui, Micah Goldfarb  (2:29, Experimental)
Target Panic – Madeleine Braun, Michael Lichauco, Nicholas Delgado, Adara Young, David Roh (11:54, Documentary/Creative Non-Fiction)
Terminal – Dane Liberatore, Cathy Bui, Micah Goldfarb, Shruthi Anand, Aura Rico, Ilise McGraw, Justin Barber, Miguel Escalona, Austin Berndt, Zoe Thomson, Colin Russell, David Bunhor, Jessenia Blackstone, Tony Flores (7:08, Narrative)


Baby – Justin Aaron Sirkin, Cole Swanson, Mary Antonovich  (19:51, Narrative)
Edges – Halasius Bradford (8 pages, Short Screenplay)
Her Last Stage – Daniel Salas, Ivan Bello  (12:23, Documentary/Creative Non-Fiction)
Kites – Rosanne Liezl Lim Bitas (14 pages, Short Screenplay)
Nepantla – Stephanie Ledesma (12 pages, Short Screenplay)
The Potion – Abigail Sciortino (20 pages, Short Screenplay)


The Dress – Nicole Waszak Mendez (6:39, Narrative)
White Male Shooter – Andrew Norbeck  (6:16, Documentary/Creative Non-Fiction)


Lion on the Mat – Asali Rasmussen Echols, Casey Beck  (16:35, Documentary/Creative Non-Fiction
The Golden Gate – Pietro Pinto (15:12, Narrative)
Tony’s Cakes – Tony Holman, Vida deKayla, Garry Moore, Juan Luqui, Chris Camacho, Stephen Nadeau  (10:31, Documentary/Creative Non-Fiction)


A Story in Stone – Sydney Spruiell  (2:01, Documentary/Creative Non-Fiction)
Felt Love – Arlene Bongco, Celine Nguyen, Angeline Vu, Elain Lu, Gia Duong, Yilin Wang, Anna Chen Juan Andres Vergara (6:30, Animation)
First Born – Justin Bruce Lee, Aerik Bertulfo, David Diba, Brianna Flores, Aaron Cobb, Maddie Jack, Pearl Kaewpanya, Siena Kuan, Junhao Su, Tina Su, Michael Begen, Pierina Caligaris, David Johnson, Ryan Johnson, Raymundo Mendoza Landa, Lillian Lee, Steward Lee, Jon David Leslie, Meiyan Lim, Minori Uemura, Tina Wu, Katherine Yu, Mary Kay Lee, Callum McGrath, Nicolas Anastassiou, Davis Feeley, Daniel Rodier, Sandra Lewis, Declan Lewis, Callie Lewis, “Stix” Lewis, Nick Panoutsos, Jason Lewis, Christopher Motter, Samantha Dacanay, Ezikiel Jon Saldajeno (5:48, Animation)
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Movie Title – Sydney Spruiell  (2:04, Promotional)


On That Note – Michael Anthony Aponte (13 pages, Short Screenplay)

Finalists are determined based on scoring from both CSU faculty and entertainment industry professionals. Finalist visual projects were available for viewing online during a limited screening Friday, October 22 through Wednesday, October 27, 2021. Short Screenplay finalists were not available for reading – a synopsis of each screenplay will be provided. The CSU Media Arts Festival Awards Presentation and a screening of the winners was Friday, October 29, 2021, 1:30-3pm. You can check out the 2021 Winners on the Awards​ page of the MAF website. 

If you have suggestions for MAF programming, forward them to Shannon Pringle, Director at We welcome your ideas.