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Media Arts Festival

CSU Summer Arts established the Media Arts Festival in 1991 to give talented students studying film, broadcasting, video, screenwriting, and new media within the 23-campus California State University system an opportunity to present their work for critical review. 

A panel of distinguished faculty and industry leaders selects each year’s finalists and winners, and all finalist selections are screened at the festival. Cash prizes and the CSU Media Arts Festival Award are bestowed on award-winning works.

In 2022, the CSU Media Arts Festival had a wonderful opportunity to host an interview with recent Academy Award-winning documentarian Ben Proudfoot, director of The Queen of Basketball. View the interview on our YouTube channel: BEN PROUDFOOT INTERVIEW


Our thanks to everyone who was able to join us for the 2022 CSU Media Arts Festival Presentation!

The MAF Awards Presentation was held Wednesday, October 26, 2022. View the presentation HERE



A Bowl Full of Love
Ashrita Chavali, Jewlinna Suy, Julie Thompson, Cynthia Bailey, Grace Bennett, Letianna Castellano, Nikitha Chandrashekar, Meghan Graham, Stephanie Ho, Michelle Kalman, Katie Zhang, Matthew Lau, Josey Byrnes, Derek Christman, Rosanna Davila, Cindy Hoang, Maia Mallari, Hal Nguyen, Fiona Rieta, Devin Rowe, Charlene Yang (5:48, San José State)
A Fleeting Moment
Allyanna Demafeliz, Victoria Yando, Brook Jiang, Junhao Su, Arica Rivera (3:54, San José State)
Dead Dog in the Summer
Chloe Pitko, Jesus Adame, Joseph Forquer, Dane Charles Tharp, Fio Cabral, Sebastian Hernandez (3:33, Cal State Long Beach)
My Grandma
Hyunsuh Paik (5:05, Cal State Long Beach)
Ocean in My Box
Ian Lima, Isaac Kau (2:19, Cal State Long Beach)
Hui Tan (8:24, Cal State Long Beach)


Bad Child
Nicole Emilíana Mendez (13:17, San Diego State)
Dear Long Beach: Sincerely, A Broke College Student
Jason Charles Bauguess, Justin Castillo, Duy Mai, Joey Quian (3:07, Cal State Long Beach)
Homeless in Humboldt: JP’s Story Episode 1
Valentina Joelle Dimas, Gabe Kim, Skylar Gaven, Rachel Marty (16:11, Cal Poly Humboldt)
Homeless in Humboldt: JP’s Story Episode 2
Skylar Gaven, Gabe Kim, Valentina Dimas, Rachel Marty  (21:11, Cal Poly Humboldt)
Tiffany Rhoden​, Krystal Sandoval (5:30, Cal State Long Beach)
Phillip’s Way
Matthew Carney, Sarah Locastro (5:37, Cal State Long Beach)


Samuel Park, Kai Rebollo, Ben Kahan, Vera Ha, Cesar Plasencia (11:39, Cal State Long Beach)
Derrick Corcuera, Ronald Seiter (8:15, Cal State Long Beach)
How to Disappear
Ethan Garcia (10:50, San Diego State)
I Lost My Racecar
Joshua Park (8:16, San Francisco State)
Stolen Glance
Rosanna Sanchez, Faith Fryatt, Rea Xenitopoulos, Virginia Michel, Alex Lorey, Carlos Velasquez, Joublin Zade, Jordan Lyle, Mereb Khasay, Aryka Randall, Araya Komai, Imani Tynes (6:20, San Diego State)
The Phoenix
Shane Reale Brunton, Kaitlin Thompson, Audrey Resella, Gregory Dahlquist, Kristy Morales (13:04, Cal State Long Beach)


Band Camp
Chris Padron (30 pages, Cal State Long Beach)
Earth to Rigel
Kalia Aghaeepour (8 pages, CSUN)
Embraer E-175
Selina Madeira Dolscheid (15 pages, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo)
Mystic Sanctuary
Jacquelyn Grock (12 pages, CSUN)
Porch Door
Christopher Pettoni (6 pages, CSUN)
The Uber
Jonah King Church (16 pages, Cal State Long Beach​)

Finalists are determined based on scoring from both CSU faculty and entertainment industry professionals. Finalists’ visual projects were available for viewing online during a limited screening prior to the awards presentation.

If you notice an error of spelling or other, please notify