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Dance Improvisation & Ritual:
Embodying the Ancestors


2: 7/8/2024 - 7/21/2024




Be immersed in three distinct moving traditions in a contemporary ritual context. Performer and scholar Cuauhtémoc Peranda (aka Don’Té) will teach voguing and House Ballroom culture through an Indigenous lens to locate decolonizing practices and create celebratory liberating practices. In “jams,” dancer/choreographer rashad soulnubian will share improvisational practices blending freestyle hip-hop and contemporary dance inspired by bold fashion, nightlife, and masquerade. Award-winning Korean dance artist Dohee Lee will bring dance and movement, along with voice, and visual arts/design inspired by traditional Korean sacred arts.

Who Should Take This Class

This course is for all
Who came from a people,
some might still be here while others have ventured on.
This course is for all
who wish to remember and honor
their ancestors,
with their voice, movement, and rituals.
This course is for all
who are open and curious about
Performance as ritual,
And the magic that is still unknown.
This course is for all – this course is for you.

Required Application Materials (please submit materials in a single document)

  • Personal statement: explain why you’​d like to take this course (250-400 words) 
  • Video: 30- to 60-second movement performance or video biography (YouTube link) 
  • Recommendation: contact information for one reference

Course Coordinator

Karen Schaffman (San Marcos) is a dance artist, professor, program director, curator, and Feldenkrais® practitioner who regards dancing as a transformative and transgressive force for self-awareness and political change. Since 2001, she’​s been fostering the Dance Studies program in the School of the Arts at CSU San Marcos.

Guest Artists

Dohee Lee

Dohee Lee

Dohee Lee weaves drumming, dancing, and singing into immersive ritualized theatrical creations. Born on Jeju Island, Korea, she trained in traditional music and dance rooted in Korean indigenous practice (shamanism). Lee founded Puri Arts to create a new art form, contributing to traditional and contemporary arts. She emphasizes the mythical, experimental, ritualistic, historical, and healing aspects of art, catalyzing new relationships between identity, nature, spirituality, and the political. Lee is artistic director of Dohee Lee Puri Arts; director of Art and Healing with Asian Refugees United, and is faculty at Tamalpa Institute.

Cuauhtémoc Peranda

Cuauh​témoc Peranda

​Cuauhtémoc Peranda (Mescalero Apache, Mexika-Chichimeca/Cano, and cihuaiolo butch queen) is a doctoral candidate in Critical Dance Studies at UC Riverside. Their research focuses on the history of the House Ballroom scene and how Queer, Transgender, Black, Brown, and Indigenous peoples of the Western Hemisphere have deployed vogue as a praxis of decolonization, voguing critique, and transformational resistance. They walk and raise children in the West Coast Ballscenes as "Don'Té Peaches 007." They hold degrees in dance and comparative studies, and lecture in the Dance Studies program at CSU San Marcos.​

Rashad Pridgen

Rashad Pr​idgen

Rashad Pridgen is a performance artist, creative director, and health and wellness practitioner. He is the conceptual creator and artistic director of The Black Lives Masquerade, an ongoing street procession and short film that has had showings at the San Francisco Public Library, Berkeley Art Museum, Duke University, and Portland Art Museum. He is director and choreographer of Ethos de Masquerade, a theatrical version of The Global Street Dance Masquerade produced by Campo Santo Strand/A.C.T. theatre, collaborating with Sadie Barnett’s Eagle Creek Saloon on presentations at the SF LAB San Francisco, the Institute Of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, and SF MOMA.