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Media Arts Festival

​​CSU Summer Arts established the Media Arts Festival in 1991 to give talented students studying film, broadcasting, video, screenwriting, and new media within the 23-campus California State University system an opportunity to present their work for critical review. The mission of the MAF is to help CSU students bridge the gap between student and working professional through competition and education.

A panel of distinguished faculty and industry leaders selects each year’s finalists and winners, and all finalist selections are screened at the festival. Cash prizes and the prestigious CSU Media Arts Festival Award are bestowed on selected work.

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The deadline for submissions was May 23, 2022. We are no longer accepting submissions.​


2022 CSU Media Arts Festival Submissions were accepted via the CSU Summer Arts SlideRoom Account. We are no longer accepting submissions for the 2022 competition. Following were the steps to submit projects to the competition:

1. Submitters will need to create a SlideRoom account. There is a limit of one submission per student. 
2. Click through the submission form to provide the information requested. Submitters can save information and return to it before the deadline. 
3. Submitters will be asked to upload the project media content with the application. Media files are limited to the following sizes: 10MB for images, 20MB for PDF, 500MB for videos. 
4. Submitters will receive email confirmation once the project is submitted.
5.  The submitter completing the application form will be the main person contacted regarding the project
6​. Click the following button to begin the submission process:


Animation: long or short form animation of any style

Documentary/Creative Non-Fiction and Television News: any work of non-fiction, some scripted or re-enactments of events are permitted if they do not make up a substantial part of the work. News packages featuring a reporter, newscasts featuring one or more anchors, news magazines, public affairs programs, etc. should also apply in this category. 

Interactive and Immersive ​​​​Media: works that employ immersive storytelling or innovative technological methods such as video games, websites, XR, VR, AR, MR, etc. 

Narrative: Any work that is narrative or non-scripted work of ficton including linear story, drama, comedy, dramedy, stand-alone stories, or series intended for television. This category now includes experimental narrative. 

Short Screenplay: written work intended for the screen, up to 30 pages, not including a cover page. 


  • Submission Deadline: Monday, May 23, 2022. The submission fee for 2022 is waived. The submission deadline has passed. 
  • Projects, except for screenplay, must have a moving-image component.
  • Submitters must be current or recent former students of the California State University who created the work while enrolled at a CSU campus between May 2021 and May 2022. Non-CSU students are not eligible to submit projects to this competition. 
  • ​Submissions are limited to one per student lead, and that student lead must be a director, producer, and/or creator for projects with moving images or writer for screenplays, only. The submitting student is responsible for all correspondence for the submission. 
  • ​Projects must be submitted by the CSU student associated with the project, as indicated above. Projects submitted on behalf of the student(s) by CSU faculty, staff, or other persons will be disqualified. 
  • Projects previously submitted to the CSU Media Arts Festival are ineligible for re-submission, unless not accepted for too few category submissions in the previous cycle. Re-edited and/or final versions of previously submitted projects are ineligible. Projects submitted to any other festivals are eligible.
  • Submissions that do not meet all requirements will be disqualified and submitters will be notified of disqualification. 
  • Submit the final and finished version of the project. The version screened by the judges will be the version screened at the festival if work is selected as a finalist. Neither alternative nor updated versions will be accepted after the deadline.


  • The CSU Media Arts Festival is unable to accept submissions in any category that use or feature copyright-protected materials (music, images, intellectual property, etc.).
  • This restriction includes, but is not limted to. use of copyright-protected music for music videos, background music in a scene, use of a film or television scene, etc.
  • There is a field on the submission form to identify source material and permissions for protected content in student projects.
  • Submitters who have specific questions about the use of copyright-protected materials are encouraged to contact Shannon Pringle.


  • All projects meeting the submission requirements will be viewed or read by faculty reviewers to determine the semi-finalists and finalists. Finalist projects will be viewed or read by a jury of media industry professionals to select the winners,. The CSU Media Arts Festival reserves the right to withhold finalist status and/or award in any category that does not meet a minimum number of qualified submissions or for poor scores.
  • Finalists will be notified by email. Please provide a current, valid, and regularly checked email address.
  • A public screening of the finalists and the awards ceremony will be held in Fall 2022 for the 2022 season. Due to copyright rules, finalist screenplays will not be read or distributed publicly.
  • Awards will be presented during the festival. Finalists not in attendance will be notified of the status of their projects by email following the festival.
  • Awards are presented to the student submitter and up to one other student contributor as designated in the submission information.  If more than one writer, director, producer, or creator has submitted jointly, the cash award will be split evenly between the two and each will receive a Media Arts Festival Award.
  • Names not included on the submission form, or when requested for clarification cannot be added at a later time, nor are those non-identified students eligible for trophies, certificates, or prize money.


For more information, email Shannon Pringle, call (562) 951-4068, or visit the Media Arts Festival FAQ page