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Summer Arts students from throughout the CSU and the world have produced outstanding and thought-provoking works, from those displayed in the Chancellor’s Gallery to those honored in our annual Media Arts Festival and student showcases. Learn about their remarkable work below.

The Chancellor's Gallery

The Chancellor’s Gallery began in 2002 as a way for the CSU to celebrate the fine art created by students at Summer Arts each year. Guest artists for each visual arts course review the student artwork submissions and select work to be framed and displayed in the C​hancellor’s Office in Long Beach. After one year, the framed work is returned to the students along with an exhibition booklet. Chancellor’s Office staff and visitors alike appreciate seeing the creations of talented students at CSU Summer Arts.

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Student Showcases

Every summer for almost 35 years, CSU Summer Arts has assembled dozens of the world's top creatives to be a part of our annual Festival—to perform and to teach our students. For the festival, which is open to the community, we produce more than 30 live events each summer, spanning the spectrum of dance, media, music, theatre, visual art & design, and writing.;

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Media Arts Festival

CSU Summer Arts established the Media Arts Festival in 1991 to give talented students studying film, broadcasting, video, screenwriting, and new media within the 23-campus California State University system an opportunity to present their work for critical review.

See​ the Award Winners