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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to be a CSU student to attend?
You don't​ have to be a CSU student, or in any college, to attend. Summer Arts is open to qualified students age 16 and up. 

Do I need a visa if I’m not a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, or AB540 student?
You MAY need a “J” student visa, and Summer Arts can help you get one. There are also additional fees of approximately $300-$400 which you will need to pay associated with your visa and insurance.

How much does it cost?
See the Costs​ page to check current fees.

Is there an application fee?
Nope! It’s free and easy to apply.​

What is the deadline to pay?
You can pay tuition as late as the first day of class. Housing fees have earlier deadlines.

What if I need to drop a course after enrollment?
Students MUST drop a course via email by the Friday before each course in order to avoid financial penalty.

Can I miss the first day or two of class? The last day or two?
It’s up to your course coordinator, but Summer Arts STRONGLY recommends against missing any class. Summer Arts classes are intensives, so missing a day or two is equivalent to missing weeks of a regular term.

Can I take two courses at the same time?
No. Summer Arts classes run all day (and sometimes all night) long. For 2024, students may take The Business of Acting along with another course, it is virtual and asynchronous and will take approximately 2 weeks to complete. 

I don’t need the units. Can I audit or take the class for no credit?
You CANNOT audit or otherwise take a Summer Arts class for non-credit. All participants will be enrolled and courses are graded, passing students will receive 3-6 semester units of credit.

How will the credit apply to my campus/program?
Each prospective student should go to their advisor with a syllabus for the course they are interested in to determine how the credit will apply to their program. It’s up to each campus program to decide how the credit will be applied. Negotiate!

How do I transfer the credit to my campus?
Students must order a transcript from the host university after grades are issued to transfer credit.


How can I apply for a scholarship?
Submit the financial documentation described on the Scholarships page with your application.

How much aid can I expect?
Scholarships are based on financial need, but there are also other variables. It’s difficult to say how much aid you qualify for until you apply – so apply!

Do you have to be a CSU student to apply for scholarship assistance?


How much does housing cost? Does it include meals?
All housing includes meals. Visit the Housing page for more information or the specific course page for international courses.

Can I buy on-campus housing without meals? Meals without housing?
You can’t buy on-campus housing without meals. You can buy meals without housing; just pay at the door.

Is there a kitchen in the dorm room?
No, but there is a small refrigerator and microwave in each suite.

Can I stay off campus and still attend the program?


Is there a gym on campus I can use?
Yes. There is a gym in the housing area that is free for students who stay on campus.

Do I need a car?
No. There are good buses in the area.

Can I fly to Fresno? Is airport transportation provided?

There is an airport in Fresno (FAT). Summer Arts does NOT provide transportation from the airport or train station for students. It’s about $20 for ridesharing to campus.