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Dance and Identity
with Urban Bush Women





Guest Artists

Urban Bush Women, ​Matt Langlois


Be a change-maker through dance! Engage in the power of dance and live performance to inspire, speak, transform, and build community. With Urban Bush Women you will create an engaged community of artists and dancers supported by an original sound score, and collaborate to create live performance through embodied expression that honors one’s identity and lived experience.

Who should take this class

Students that are invested in dance and the arts as a social justice process and want to create in community. This course is for intermediate and advanced dancers. Non-dancers who are interested in movement as a tool for expression are also welcome.

Required application materials

  • Letter of intent that addresses your dance background and/or your interest in creating social change through dance performance.

Course Coordinator

Christine Cali

Guest Artists

Urban Bush Women​

Urban Bush Women (UBW) galvanizes artists, activists, audiences and communities through performances, artist development, education and community engagement. UBW affects the overall ecology of the arts by promoting artistic legacies; projecting the voices of the under-heard and people of color; and bringing attention to and addressing issues of equity in the dance field and throughout the United States.

Daniel Cahill

Matt ​Langlois

Matt Langlois is a San Francisco singer songwriter behind “The Welcome Matt” and “Matt EL” music projects. As music director for CALI & CO DANCE for the past twelve years he has created music, video and live accompaniment for productions such as C.O.M.A, S.T.O.R.M, L.O.A.D.E.D, SUSPECT, You Are Here, HERE, ADAPT and TO MASK TO REVEAL.