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Off The Wall – Alternative Print Methods and Forms




Visual Art & Design

Guest Artists

​Midwest Pressed, Koichi Yamamoto


This collaborative course will focus on the role of printmaking in three-dimensional space and other alternative uses of print work in innovative exhibitions.  Students will use the printmaking techniques including woodcut relief printing and screen-printing to transform their typical two-dimentional paper prints into unique three-dimentional installations and kites to create site-specific printstallations and airborne objects.

Who should take this class

Prior knowledge of relief printmaking (woodcut) and screen-printing is encouraged but not required.

Required application materials

  • Portfolio of 5 pieces
  • Short description of interest

Course Coordinator

Matthew Hopson-Walker

Guest Artists

Midwest Pressed

Timothy Dooley and Aaron Wilson, ​Midwest Pressed

Midwest Pressed is the collaborative artist duo of Aaron Wilson and Tim Dooley. Their approach to color is tastelessly compelling and their approach to printmaking is a combination of punk rock and magic. Wilson and Dooley's merging of high and low aesthetics are created with generative screen-printing processes and other layered graphic media.​

Koichi Yamamoto

Koichi Yamamoto

Koichi Yamamoto is an artist who merges traditional and contemporary techniques so as to develop unique and innovative approaches to the language of printmaking. His prints explore issues of the sublime, memory, and atmosphere. Koichi has worked at many scales, from small and meticulously engraved copper plates to large monotypes. He completed a BFA at the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon and then moved to Krakow, Poland, later he studied engraving at the Bratislava Academy of Fine Arts in the Slovak Republic. Koichi also studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, Poland and completed an MFA at the University of Alberta, Canada. In addition he has worked as a textile designer in Fredericia, Denmark.


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July 20 to August 2, 2021

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July 28 to August 16, 2021