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2: 7/8/2024 - 7/21/2024


Visual Art & Design


Integrate your artistic practice in painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, or mixed media with a social lens. Expand your awareness of the power and influence of art within in the broader society and the global environment. Explore contemporary art, theory, and history while taking action, using art as a catalyst for change.

Who Should Take This Class

Students with artistic practice in any genre with an interest in social practice.

Required Application Materials (please submit materials in a single document)

  • Personal statement: describe your art practice and why you want to take this class
  • Portfolio: ten samples of your work (PDF or link to a website)
  • Resume
  • Recommendation: contact information for one reference

Course Coordinator

William Raines (Fresno) holds an MFA in Studio Production from California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, California. He has been a visiting art educator/guest artist for the 2nd International Symposium on Creativity and Child Development at Hong Kong Baptist University, China. Raines is also the co-founder and co-owner of Corridor 2122 art gallery in Fresno, California since 2004.

Guest Artists

Amy Balkin

Amy Balkin is an artist who explores intersections of ecology, law, and politics in her projects and collaborations. Her frequently public and participatory works have been widely exhibited at contemporary art exhibitions such as dOCUMENTA (13), and in publications such as Decolonising Nature.


Elizabeth Hall, Mark Cooley, and Celia Cooley work as a family art collective. Their works explore the interconnectedness of human and environmental wellbeing in diverse contexts including galleries, theatres, publications, gardens, forests, and farmers markets. Exhibitions of their works include the International Forest Art Center in Darmstadt, Germany; the St. Louis Science Center, the FADO Performance Art Centre in Toronto, Canada; and the Institute of Contemporary Art in London.

Ron Graziani

Amy Blount Lay
Amy Blount Lay's work explores her place and role in the “urban marine” environment. She is curious about why a shark tooth or pelican skull can be displayed as a beautiful beachcombing treasure, yet her tooth or skull on the beach would trigger a crime investigation. The answer seems obvious, but is it?

Ron Graziani

Ron Graziani​​​

Ron Graziani is an art historian and associate professor at East Carolina University with a Ph.D. from UCLA. His doctorate is an interdisciplinary degree in political science, aesthetic theory, and the field of psychoanalysis. Graziani has been invited to present his research at professional conferences including the Art Institute of San Francisco, Harvard University, and George Mason University.